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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

3 Tips to Automate Content & Campaigns but Not Alienate Customers & Fans
3 Ways to Make Your Digital Event as Engaging and Effective as In-Person
Get Inspired by Beane of Moneyball PRO benefit
How Readability & Word Choice Affect E-Commerce Conversion Rate [Study]
Three Tips to Automate Your Content and Campaigns but Not Alienate Customers and Brand Fans
Content marketing has matured to a point where you need at least some automation. But if you aren't careful, you'll turn people off: Your loyalists will notice if your content is lower quality or less tailored. To maintain customer trust while streamlining your workload, use these three tips.
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Three Ways to Make Your Digital Event as Engaging and Effective as In-Person
As marketers consider their options for providing digital event opportunities, one question is top of mind: How do you create an engaging attendee experience? The key is to make real connections in a virtual way. These three tips will help.
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Global B2B Marketing SWOT Analysis
Amid COVID-19 uncertainty, Episerver guided 600 business leaders through a SWOT analysis in relation to digital marketing and customers' digital experience. For insights into digital marketing tactics and technology, plans and processes, and marketers' and IT professionals' differing views, download the full report.
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Get Inspired by Beane of Moneyball
PRO benefit
In our first-ever B2B Backstage PRO-exclusive webinar, Billy Beane will join us to talk about how you can use data and measurement to hit a grand slam with your marketing. Learn more.
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How Readability and Word Choice Impact E-Commerce Conversion Rates [Study]
Concise, easy-to-read e-commerce landing pages that use positive language and create a sense of anticipation tend to have better conversion rates, according to recent research. Check out findings from this report.
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As a B2B marketer, you're likely curious about the digital experience of your customers. Episerver's global survey of 600 leaders in marketing, IT, and e-commerce roles at B2B companies will tell you how they ranked their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in relation to the B2B digital experience. You'll get a nonpromotional view through the lens of industry changes in the wake of COVID-19. For example, across industries, selling directly to customers through e-commerce is now the top opportunity in B2B, and 72% of B2B leaders say the digital experience their company provides comes up short. Download the report for valuable insights.
You've heard that you should "Be Human" in your marketing. But what does that entail? Mainly, it entails empathy—the foundation of marketing that connects on a deeply human level with your audiences, including prospects and customers. In short, it's a marketing superpower. An upcoming doubleheader event on Empathy in Marketing features two webinar presentations: "The ROI of Empathy: How Marketers Use Customer Empathy as a Business Differentiator" and "Empathy and the Future of Marketing: B2B Success Stories." They feature two highly regarded marketing and customer experience experts who can help you positively transform your marketing's effectiveness. Sign up today (it's free!).
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