Vol. 4 , No. 18     May 4, 2004


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  1. Educate Your CEO About Marketing (Part 1)
  2. Google, the Verb
  3. Tell Me a Story: Q&A with Steve Denning
  4. Win the Marketing Race
  5. SWOT Team: From Clicks to Ka-Ching!
  6. The Secret of Managing a Successful Web Site
  7. The Paradox of Best-Practice


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Roy Young
Educate Your CEO About Marketing (Part 1)

If the CEO is to view marketing as effective, our job is to show the CEO how we use customer focus to produce cash and (ultimately) equity for the organization.

The process of educating the CEO about how marketing helps the organization get paid has three fundamental parts.

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William Arruda
Google, the Verb

Being Googled reveals how visible you are on the Web, and visibility (at least among your target audience) is critical to successful personal branding.

Your Google results also become useful data points for those who are looking to make decisions about you. So the prospect of being Googled brings up some interesting questions if you are building and nurturing your personal brand.

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Cliff Atkinson
Tell Me a Story: Q&A with Steve Denning

In his acclaimed book, "The Springboard: How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations," Steve Denning describes how storytelling can serve as a powerful tool for organizational change and knowledge management.

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A Note to Readers

Love Me...Love Me Not

A seminar held by MarketingProfs last week, “Get Google To Love Your Web Site,” clearly spoke to the hearts and minds of marketers these days. Not only was the event itself well-attended, but marketers who missed it have been clamoring for access to the event transcript.

Good news – it’s now available here. Get yours quick – they’re flying off the shelves!

This week, William Arruda continues his Google discourse with an article on Google as it relates to what he calls “personal branding.”

Given that “Google” is now used as a verb as often as a noun, Arruda writes, “Being Googled reveals how visible you are on the Web, and visibility (at least among your target audience) is critical to successful personal branding.”

The problem, of course, is that some of what people find in a Google search may not present you in the most flattering light. He adds: “So the prospect of being Googled brings up some interesting questions if you are building and nurturing your personal brand.” (Presumably, Arruda uses “interesting” the way my former creative writing professor used it to describe my God-awful poetry. As in, “Not good.”)

Check out Arruda’s piece. And let me know what you think. As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged!

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. The Marketing Profitability Path: Mapping Your Journey (Part 4 of 4)
  2. Endless Customers: Sobering Lessons From Harvard University
  3. The ‘What’s Next? Process’ for Developing Your Strategy
  4. How to Launch With Impact
  5. Copywriting Makeover: Know Where Your Customers Are in the Buying Process (Part 2 of 2)
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  2. Deliverability Rate.
  3. New Marketing Exec Seeks Metrics / Roi / Product Management Foundation Help!
  4. Radio Interview...need Help!!!
  5. Attn Open-rate Junkies: Techie Question About Preview Pane



Joel Sussman
Win the Marketing Race

Unfortunately for us marketers, the public is inundated, deluged and bombarded, every day, with hundreds of ads, commercials, emails and direct-mail offers inviting them to buy, try, upgrade, sign on, act now and order before midnight.

The problem is that we tend to tune out, ignore or question the vast majority of the advertising messages we’re exposed to.

How do you gain entry into people’s awareness when they’re automatically filtering out probably 95% of the marketing messages with which they’re barraged? Well, one way is to “think outside the box.”

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Yvonne Bailey and Hank Stroll
SWOT Team: From Clicks to Ka-Ching!

This issue’s dilemma asks: How can we increase our conversion rates on a pay-per-click search deal?

Also this week, read your answers to: Should we continue renting from third-party list brokers?

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AD:TECH San Francisco
May 24-26, 2004

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Gerry McGovern
The Secret of Managing a Successful Web Site

The Web is about self-service. To succeed in self-service, you need to really understand how your visitors think and behave, which requires getting to know their needs in a comprehensive manner.

In short, it requires an ongoing conversation with them.

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Peter Majarich
The Paradox of Best-Practice

Stock market analysts -- those who dabble in an even blacker magic than us -- often encourage newbie investors to look forward, not back. A company’s past performance is no indication of their future returns.

Guess what? It’s the same story in strategy and marketing.

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