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Radio Interview...need Help!!!

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Hello All.

I'm really nervous about tomorrow! I'm an exibitor at a Tradeshow, (today went very well)! But I only have a 45 second spot tomorrow afternoon to give a speal about my Virtual Assistant practice and need an attention getting first line to start off with??! I get soo nervous about speaking in public!

In a nutshell here is what I offer....Office outsourcing, (brand new concept in my little town) everything a secretary does and more...I just do it virtually from my "own" office for their office. Website Design, Desktop Publishing.

Anybody with any suggestions for an attention getting first line??

Thanks for any assistance!!


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  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted

    I hope you're getting some SLEEP before your interview.

    Crafting the perfect elevator pitch is harder than most people think. Imagery and metaphors are a good place to begin, even if they're imperfect. Just start somewhere and be ready to keep refining it later.

    Consider these ideas:

    "I'm the Dilbert Picasso for small business. Every small business owner wishes they had a creative technical geek lurking in the supply closet, and I'm the next best thing."

    "I'm the all-purpose secretary who makes house calls. I help business owners who have technical emergencies or who need routine project help or who are in a creative crisis. My specialty, though, is plastic surgery for things like websites and brochures."

    From there you can speak "normally" about the services you provide. The key here is to start with words that get attention and convey something that average earthlings can relate to.

    I hope you get the idea. Good luck!!

    - Shelley

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