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Vol. 4 , No. 1     January 4, 2005


In this Newsletter:

  1. 2004: The Year of the Customer in Management Books
  2. Marketing Career Tips: Five to Thrive in 2005
  3. Eight Things You Don't Know about Boomer Women (But Should)
  4. The Ethics of Marketing Research: Can I? Should I? Would I?
  5. SWOT Team: Why Is Long Copy Compelling?
  6. The Australian Spam Act in Profile (Part 1)
  7. A Customer-Focused Approach to Working With the Media


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Roy Young
2004: The Year of the Customer in Management Books

The leading subject of management books published in a given year is a clear indicator of the strategic focus of the top-performing organizations and their leaders.

For several years, the number-one topic was Total Quality Management. Then it was leadership. Then branding. While these topics remain significant, it's clear from the major new titles of 2004 that customer focus has taken center stage.

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William Arruda
Marketing Career Tips: Five to Thrive in 2005

It's natural to start thinking about your career in the beginning of a New Year—a time for resolution, reflection and rebirth.

To help you focus on taking your marketing career to the next level, here are five key elements of a successful strategy.

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Mary Brown
Eight Things You Don't Know about Boomer Women (But Should)

At almost 80 million, Baby Boomers make up the largest generational demographic today. And, among Boomers, women not only outnumber men, but they also influence as much as 80% of household purchase decisions, from food and finance to travel and technology.

In other words, Baby Boomer women are the greatest market opportunity today. Better understanding these women will undoubtedly provide companies with greater advantage in the marketplace of the future.

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A Note to Readers

Happy 4th Birthday!

Greetings, discerning readers.

Happy New Year! And welcome to the first issue of 2005.

This issue also celebrates our fourth birthday. Launched by Publisher Allen Weiss in 2001, MarketingProfs began as a Web site and newsletter produced solely by Allen and sent out to a handful of faithful subscribers. (Here's a copy of our inaugural newsletter.)

Four years later, more than 136,000 of you receive this newsletter, which is produced by a staff of six or so. And many among you take advantage of other MarketingProfs products, including the Know-How Exchange forum and the MarketingProfs Virtual Seminars.

So… a big thanks to all of you who have contributed to our success—our loyal readers, who continue to look forward to a new issue each week, and our wonderful writers, without whom I would be considerably less fortunate, both personally and professionally. And thanks even to you cranks out there (you know who you are!); you always challenge me to produce better content.

Also, a special thanks to the entire staff of MarketingProfs. I couldn't ask for a better group of colleagues than Allen, Roy, Val, Gustavo, Vahe, and Jim.

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Making Marketing Matter to the CEO: Strategies from Jack Trout
  2. Three Reasons to Publish an E-Newsletter AND a Blog
  3. Revitalizing Lead Creation: Six Strategies That Work (Part 1)
  4. Why We Fail at Intimacy: Falling Short at the Promise of Relationship Marketing
  5. Is Your Company CAN-SPAM Compliant?
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Recent Know-How Exchange Questions/Answers

  1. Traffic Awareness Campaign.
  2. How To Build Brand Awareness For Security Product?
  3. Is Before Movie Advertising Prudent For Small Bus.
  4. Help Me To Learn How To "surprise Broca"
  5. Need To Brand Adult Clothing Line


Dale Fodness
The Ethics of Marketing Research: Can I? Should I? Would I?

A basic role for a marketing researcher is that of intermediary between the producer of a product and the marketplace. The marketing researcher facilitates the flow of information from the market or customer to the producer of the good or service.

Such a situation, with three major players—the producer, the customer and the market researcher—often sets the stage for conflicts of interest which can give rise to ethical problems. Given the inevitability of ethical dilemmas in marketing research, well-established ethical guidelines are critical.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
SWOT Team: Why Is Long Copy Compelling?

Long copy works well in direct mail. But how does it work online? This week, add your own two cents to: How can long Web copy be compelling?

Also this week, read your answers to the last dilemma: How do spam rules apply in the real world?

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Gordon Cramer
The Australian Spam Act in Profile (Part 1)

The US started the ball rolling over a year ago with CAN-SPAM, followed closely by the EU directives implementation.

This article, presented in two parts, looks at the Australian Spam Act, which came into force in April of this year. Here's how the Act is structured and how it's already making significant progress in the ongoing battle against spam.

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Michael Driehorst
A Customer-Focused Approach to Working With the Media

It's time for those in public relations to take a kinder, more empathetic approach to dealing with the media.

OK, well maybe that's being too sensitive. But it does help to put yourself in a reporter's shoes when trying to get editorial coverage about your company or your client.

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