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Vol. 4 , No. 40     October 4, 2005


In this Newsletter:

  1. Thought Leaders Summit: The Buzz on Word-of-Mouth Marketing (Part 1 of 2)
  2. Brand Value and the User Experience
  3. Have You Filled Your Marketing Funnel?
  4. The Four Myths of Professional Services Marketing
  5. White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO: What They Mean for Your Brand
  6. Improving Conversions From the Home Pages You Don't Know About
  7. Creating a Winning Organization and Culture


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Premium Content

Stephan Spencer
Thought Leaders Summit: The Buzz on Word-of-Mouth Marketing (Part 1 of 2)

How has word-of-mouth marketing—also known as buzz marketing—evolved into the 21st century? How does it differ from viral marketing or customer evangelism? And how can marketers use buzz marketing strategically?

MarketingProfs recently convened a Thought Leaders Summit to get the answers to these questions and more. On hand were Dave Balter, founder and President of BzzAgent and founding member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association; Luanne Calvert of Mixed Marketing; authors Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba; Forrester's Jim Nail; Jerry Neil of BuzzMetrics; and "Anatomy of Buzz" author Emmanuel Rosen. What follows is their collective wisdom.

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Kelly Goto
Brand Value and the User Experience

What do companies like Nordstrom, Jet Blue, Amazon and Dell have in common?

They have built their brand value on providing a positive experience for their customers on- and offline. Successful companies match business objectives with customer needs. They combine ongoing testing, feedback and improvement cycles into their daily practices and invest in listening, learning and modifying the user experience to create positive returns in revenue and loyalty.

This means user experience is not just a practice or a process—it is a philosophy. Here's how to accomplish the same.

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Michael L. Perla
Have You Filled Your Marketing Funnel?

At its essence, the marketing funnel is an effective tool to use in evaluating what activities you are successfully executing along your closed loop marketing process—branding, targeting, closing deals, and looking for ways to add incremental value to existing customers.

Like most framework tools, it can enable you to identify, isolate and improve marketing black holes and/or upstream dependencies.

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A Note to Readers

Got Jobs?

Greetings, discerning readers.

We get our best ideas from your feedback, so we're wondering what you—our valuable readers—think about this: MarketingProfs is considering launching a sort of online "jobs board" exclusively for our subscribers and readers.

If you think this is a service you might like to use or see as part of the MarketingProfs lineup, or if you have a job to post, please add your two cents here. A hearty thanks! And more on this next week.

In this week's newsletter, one of our favorite authors, Kelly Goto, returns to the pages of MarketingProfs with her article, "Brand Value and the User Experience."

In it, Kelly reveals what makes up the magic potion used by companies that consistently score high marks with their customers (Nordstrom, Jet Blue and Amazon, for example). As it turns out, the secret ingredient is not pixie dust at all—it's simply an adherence to four key principles that lay the foundation for a good user experience. Check out her article today.

Kelly will also be leading a MarketingProfs seminar this Thursday at noon (EDT), "Behind the Wheel of Web Redesign: What Drives Success." In the 90-minute seminar, she will walk you through methods to streamline and enhance your current development process with a focus on both the end user and measurable results. Sign up here.

Thanks for stopping by.

As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

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  2. 10 Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rates
  3. Managing Marketing Burnout
  4. Marketing Challenge: How to Give Thanks to Clients
  5. Niche Positioning: Three Reasons Why Smaller Can Be Better
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Michael W. McLaughlin
The Four Myths of Professional Services Marketing

For decades, professional service providers—including consultants, accountants, lawyers and others—were reluctant marketers. They thrived in a cozy world where networks of personal relationships and word-of-mouth brought them enough new clients to grow a profitable business.

Those days aren't gone, but they're fading fast.

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Veronica Fielding
White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO: What They Mean for Your Brand

Search engine optimizers typically label themselves as "white hat" or "black hat" to identify their basic philosophy, approach and methodology for SEO.

As with most things in life, SEO probably isn't as much "black" and "white" as a spectrum of gray. And more importantly to marketers, the question isn't so much what's black and what's white but what impact can each approach have on your brand?

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Web Seminar: Speak and Get Results: Maximizing Your Impact During Webcasts

You may be an effective communicator, but let's face it, the playing field is changing. In this session, Danny Slomoff, PhD, Senior Coach and Consultant at Speakeasy will cover concepts and tools to help you translate your presentations from a "live" situation to a "virtual" one.
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Julie Rosefsky
Improving Conversions From the Home Pages You Don't Know About

While getting people to enter your site through the home page of your Web site is ideal for conversion, occasionally visitors will enter through a sub-page, not designed for that same means.

Marketers need to regularly utilize Web site analytic tools to keep a watchful eye on all pages, to make sure they are effectively converting visitors. Here's what marketers should know about the homepages they may not know about, and what they need to do to optimize these Web pages.

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Jeffrey Mucci
Creating a Winning Organization and Culture

A company's name can command a tremendous amount respect and equity with customers. Likewise, employees who possess a great amount of pride in working for a world-class organization can be a greater asset than sometimes realized.

If companies can take these ingredients and begin to change the culture to one that "lives" the brand, the market will take notice.

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