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Website Critique For Small Company

Posted by Anonymous on 50 Points
I did this (for the first time) for our new home improvement company. We are very small (basically my husband does all the work). Even though it's not a professional website, I wanted to get first impressions from others to see if it looked and worked good enough to attract anyone that sees our web address and wants to check us out. Thanks for the feedback!
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  • Posted by phil.wesel on Accepted
    Here perhaps are a few things to consider.
    1) better use of the screen/more white space.
    For example, you have a testimonial at the bottom of the page which you have to scroll down to read.
    2) think like a customer
    When somebody finds your site, what is the first thing they are looking for? How easy is it for them to get for example your telephone number or to shoot you an e-mail or to decide whether you are the ones to contact on that long awaited bathroom upgrade
    3) never send your customer elsewhere until you have at least determined how you can help them. Your link to the Natural Handyman is great but you just passed your potential customer off to another site and the chances they will come back to you are zero. Try and get them a little more involved in your site first. Like an other useful links tab which maybe will have them bookmark a section of your website instead of someone elses site.
    4) put an offer somewhere in the site. If today is your birthday, click here and we'll send you a card for 15% off on your next home improvement project (no hassles, no lies, just our way of saying thanks) project must start during your birth month to be eligible (most folks are born in the later half of the year I believe) when business can be slow.

    Why not put contact info in the upper left corner on every page which is wasted space anyhow then regardless of where they come in they can always give you a call or drop you that e-mail we were talking about.

    Free estimate can use some help. Make them think you do one hundred kitchens a year with a drop down that says kitchen project, bath project, ceiling fan etc.... Help them do the simplest tasks for themselves not only will they thank you for providing the info, they will call when they have a more complex task they can't handle because you helped establish trust

    good luck and best with your site. P.S. What did you use to create it? An informal straw poll.

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