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Tagline For Int'l Student Exchange

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Our nonprofit organization is trying to decide on a tagline. We are called ISEP (which stands for International Student Exchange Program). We provide student exchanges between universities around the world. Our market advantages are that we are the most affordable study abroad option and we have a wide variety of programs. Our mission is to provide immersion into the local culture by placing students directly into foreign universities, which is different from some of the "packaged" study abroad programs that are out there.

I'd appreciate your opinion on a few taglines that have been suggested, as well as additional recommendations.

Immerse Yourself
More options. More immersion. Less money.
The Leader in Affordable University Study Abroad
Transforming lives
A Different Kind of Study Abroad
Preparing you for the world
Experience the Difference
The journey of a lifetime

Thanks for your help!
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    Begin the journey.

  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    Love the "Immerse yourself" since that's the real way to learn.

    If you added "come out better prepared" it would add to the concept.


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