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Vol. 4 , No. 7     February 15, 2005


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  1. The Top 5 Myths of Strategic Pricing
  2. Three Ways to Turn Vague Attributes Into Compelling Copy
  3. Email Marketing: The First 48 Hours Are Critical
  4. How to Establish Credibility
  5. Defining Roles of the Product Management Team
  6. The Web: Just a Piece of the Branding Strategy
  7. SWOT Team: Creating Effective Media Kits


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John E. Hogan and Joe Zale
The Top 5 Myths of Strategic Pricing

The devil really is in the details. You've heard that old saw before, but when it comes to strategic pricing, the devil is also sneaking around your strategy. As a result, someone in your organization is making mistakes today that you'll need to correct.

Over and over again, companies make fundamental blunders in their pricing strategy. A common reason for this is that managers carry rules and techniques from one environment into another. What may work in one situation becomes merely myth in another. Are you buying into any of the following myths?

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Jonathan Kranz
Three Ways to Turn Vague Attributes Into Compelling Copy

If you have clients (or bosses) who want you to write about who they are, you probably witness them thrusting a list of attributes in your face. On the list, you'll find the usual suspects: quality, commitment to service, out-of-the-box this and proactive that.

But such vague attributes have little credibility. Instead, consider the following three techniques for transforming unclear attributes into compelling copy.

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Raj Khera
Email Marketing: The First 48 Hours Are Critical

The next time you broadcast a permission-based email to your customers, members or newsletter subscribers, monitor your response for the next 48 hours.

That's when the vast majority—80%—of those who would open your message will actually open it, according to the results of our recent study. What's more, 95% of people who read your message do so within six days of your mailing.

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A Note to Readers


Gustavo de Mello was a fan of opera, Woody Allen, skydiving, and Jethro Tull.

Although I knew Gustavo, I didn't know any of this. I knew him only as a warm and gracious 38-year-old who loved his family, loved California, loved his native Uruguay and was passionate about his work.

Mostly, I knew him as a colleague and student of consumer behavior. He was a member of the MarketingProfs team, a close friend of Publisher Allen Weiss and author Debbie MacInnis, and a doctoral student at the University of Southern California. Like many people, I was looking forward to knowing him better when he moved to New England this summer to start his teaching career at Dartmouth.

It occurred to me—after learning of his sudden and violent death late last week by a reckless and unknown driver—how I, like much of the world, wasn't able (actually, will never be able) to know him long enough or well enough to share anything… well, more.

In as much time as it took the speeding SUV to barrel through a crosswalk, Gustavo is gone—along with the chance to share any more of life with him.

We've lost the chance to share laughter and insights over things he wrote about with characteristic humor and earnestness on his USC Web page—Diane Keaton's neurotic Annie Hall or David Eggers' Staggering Genius autobiography.

Reading about his passions and hobbies and work now comes as almost a double ache: we've been robbed of both his past and his future.

What is certain is that Gustavo's family and closest friends are heartbroken by his death. They have lost a son, brother, uncle and dear friend. What's also clear is that so many more of us will feel the loss of him in countless smaller ways.

Equally tragic is the loss that's hardly felt—by those who may not recognize the potential of what it might have meant to more fully know Gustavo in the future.

Or even worse, the loss that won't be felt at all—by those whose lives he'll never have a chance to touch.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


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  2. No Pain-No Gain: Five Steps to Gain Respect for Marketing
  3. Changing the Tone of Business Communication
  4. Building Your Dream Marketing Team
  5. How to Measure the Value of Your Web Content
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Michel Neray
How to Establish Credibility

Regardless of whether you are in the service business or sell a tangible product, everyone needs to establish credibility, especially with prospective clients.

But if you're a consultant, adviser or coach, then it's harder for your clients to evaluate the value of your advice and recommendations.

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Gabriel Steinhardt
Defining Roles of the Product Management Team

The role of a product manager is challenging, complex and often misunderstood.

But properly defining and structuring the roles and responsibilities of the product management team enables the team members to be more efficient and productive, leading to better revenues and higher-quality products that meet customer needs.

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Amanda Ayles
The Web: Just a Piece of the Branding Strategy

Companies who are excited about developing a corporate Web site and are gung-ho to get started is a beautiful thing. But, oddly enough, many companies falling into this category seem to be missing out on other essential branding fundamentals.

There are several keys to developing a winning brand for your company, and an effective corporate Internet branding strategy is only part of equation.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
SWOT Team: Creating Effective Media Kits

This week, add your two pesos to the dilemma: What makes for an effective media kit? What works and what doesn't?

Also this week, read your answers to last week's query: How do you prevent email newsletters from being perceived by filters as Spam?

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Publisher:Allen Weiss

Content: Ann Handley

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Roy Young

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Val Frazee

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