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Getting Into Branding/marketing For A Cpg Co.

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It seems that for big Consumer Packaging Goods companies, it's a requirement that their Brand/Marketing Managers (and even their Asst Manager) have an MBA. If I don't, how do I go about getting in the door? What kind of position can I get? I do have job experience, but mostly in retail buying. Eventually, I would like to go back and get my MBA, but first, I'd like to gain some real-world experience.
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    The brand management jobs at big CPG companies go to the MBAs because they find that the success rate is so much higher. It's not because they're snobs. You need to heed Bill Moore's advice and parlay your experience in retail buying at a smaller company. Then, if you go back and get your MBA at some point, you can look at a larger company.

    Of course, then you'll be over-qualified for an entry-level position, and some of those big companies only hire for entry-level positions and promote from within. It's a Catch-22.

    The system at places like P&G, for example, is so finely tuned that it's almost impossible to get into the brand management system unless you're fresh out of a leading MBA program. Experience doesn't count there because they want to train you themselves.

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