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Vol. 4 , No. 28     July 12, 2005


In this Newsletter:

  1. Rise of the Hispanic Boomer
  2. Advertising vs. PR: Kotler on Kotler
  3. Don't Bore Me With Your Blog
  4. Simple, Honest Business Email
  5. Six Steps to a Measurable (and Strategic) Customer Program
  6. Five Ways to Determine Whether You Should Bring Search Marketing In-House
  7. How Best Practices Can Get You a Better Meal

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Mitch McCasland
Rise of the Hispanic Boomer

Today, a new American dream is on the rise, and it is just as vital and powerful as the one in the heyday of the baby-boom generation. The increase in the number of Hispanic consumers and their growing power account for much of the long-term prosperity of our dynamic economy.

The recognition of this sea change in our society is no longer the exclusive domain of savvy or visionary marketers—it marks the new mainstream of consumer marketing for many brands. And for those companies, these changes will mean the difference between prosperity or marketplace demise. The truth is that this sea change presents several key challenges for marketers.

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Philip Kotler
Advertising vs. PR: Kotler on Kotler

In his new book, According to Kotler, Phil Kotler gives a summary of the key principles of marketing and how they relate to current events such as corporate accounting scandals, outsourcing, globalization, warehouse shopping and online marketing.

Here is an excerpt of it, based on the thousands of questions Kotler has been asked over the years by clients, students, business audiences, and journalists.

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Susan Solomon
Don't Bore Me With Your Blog

What's wrong with most blogs? They're too chatty. Too rambling. They lack passion.

If you're going to blog, become an expert on something. This is especially important for blogging in the business world. Think content, not rambling comment.

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A Note to Readers

So Long, Harry!

With the sixth Harry Potter book primping for its bookstore debut this weekend, Pottermania is at fever pitch among the 7-12-year-old set. But while Harry Potter's sixth book is wildly anticipated, Harry Potter the brand is effectively fading.

Or so says my old friend Martin Lindstrom, a branding consultant who surveyed 20,000 kids in 18 countries in conjunction with the UK-based market research firm Milward Brown. Speaking in an interview with yesterday, Martin said the media blitzes for the movies and the sundry licensing deals have effectively overexposed Harry.

So Harry Potter as a licensing concept has just about finished its course as a commercially viable product. Is there anyone besides me who thinks this isn't a terrible thing?

My now-teenage son Evan was a huge fan of the first few books. We read the first two or three aloud to him before bedtime each night; at the time, they were too challenging for him to read alone. He lived purely through the words as he listened, rapt by the story, the action on each page, and the imagination that brought such incredible characters to life. In a little-boy way, he mourned the end of each book like the end of summer.

Because of his strong connection to the books, I surprised him one day with a plastic Hogwart's magic wand, crafted to resemble Harry's. He unwrapped the thing, regarded it for a moment, and then looked over at me while I stood there, beaming like an idiot. He gave me that cool, even stare that has only more recently surfaced again (now that I truly am the dorky parent of a teenager), and said, "What am I supposed to do with this, Mom?"

That's when I got it. For Evan, Harry's magic didn't live in the plastic stuff—the light-up wands, the resin Christmas tree ornaments, the plastic miniatures, the Hogwart's scarves. The magic lives in the words, on the pages that keep you turning them for just one more paragraph before going to sleep.

So Harry Potter the brand is dead? No more licensing deals? No more Happy Meal tie-ins?

Well, good.

Until next week,

Ann Handley


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  2. How NOT to Launch a New Product
  3. Why White Papers Make for Great Marketing Collateral
  4. Marketing Challenge: 3 Steps to Becoming an Industry Guru
  5. How to Build a Multilingual Web Site
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Chris Maher
Simple, Honest Business Email

How can marketers write "human" email messages, that truly speak to the hearts and souls of your clients?

The first step is to figure out a way, by hook or by crook, to say something.

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Steven T. Nicks and Kathleen McBride
Six Steps to a Measurable (and Strategic) Customer Program

From Sales: "We need a robust set of customers for references!" From an executive: "I've got to have a customer join me for this speaking engagement!" From the new head of Marketing: "We've got to have higher-impact customer content!"

Sound familiar?

In the day-to-day scramble to satisfy tactical stakeholder demands, you must set aside time to focus on activities that build a successful customer program.

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Web Seminar: Getting Started with Online Events

Join the American Marketing Association, ViewCentral ,and WebEx as they share best practices for promoting, delivering, and measuring results of online seminar programs. During this "how to" online seminar, you'll learn what you need to begin using web seminars today!
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Heather Lloyd-Martin
Five Ways to Determine Whether You Should Bring Search Marketing In-House

Is it time for your company to jump on the in-house bandwagon?

Managing a successful paid and organic SEO campaign takes a dedicated staff, a savvy SEO plan and the time to make it happen. If your company is sitting on the in-house versus outsourcing fence, here are some tips to help you decide.

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Evan Berglund
How Best Practices Can Get You a Better Meal

Few people would argue that a pilot should give up his preflight procedure in favor of a creative session. But there are those who argue that marketing professionals should always start from scratch and make their own mistakes, even if the exact same mistakes have been made a thousand times before.


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