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Internal Marketing Of New Software Product

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Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read my question. I'm project managing the development and configuration of a software product aimed at supporting financial services in the middle tier corporate sector. The company already sell to the upper tier corporates. I've noticed a distinct lack of awareness internally as to what is going on and what this initiative is all about and am looking for ideas on how to promote it internally. Unless awareness and buy-in exists within sales, marketing, R&D etc. it doesn't matter how good a job we do. The company is represented globally so that clearly makes the task more difficult. I want to factor promotional activities into my project plan.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.
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    boskis (chris)

    You need to build a "what's in it for me" communications plan.

    1. First list out all the groups that should be impacted by the project.

    2. Then break those groups down by region / country / language, etc.

    3.By month, review your project plan and create reminders in the plan to send emails or hold meetings with the different groups.

    4. Always focus on 'what is in it for them' and never how hard you are working or the problems you are having (leave the problem discussions for your team meetings)

    5. Hold seperate meetings or send private emails to the leaders of these areas explaining what their team just learned so the leader comes accross already knowing it.

    I was a project manager for a global forture 200 company for about 6 years. Some of my biggest early mistakes was not having a robust communications plan, or thinking I could leave the communiations to someone else rather then getting my face infront of as many groups that I could.

    Hope that helps.
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    Pls explain me as I do not quite follow.You were commissioned a project management, right? You say that it's supposed to offer support to financial services in the middle tier corporate sector.It must have been planned by somebody high up in your company.Do you want to say that your project was not exposed to any marketing research defining customer expectations and needs?IMHO that, along with identification of your target group, is the key factor and cannot be done without your marketing department.As soon as the marketing has fulfilled those two esssential parts of the job then and only then the project can be put into effect with the participation of all parties involved( marketing,R&D,sales and even HR).
    Was it the case and this is simply lack of proper communication& integration?



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