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How Do I Offer New Homes, Yet Sell Advertising?

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We build highly energy efficient New Homes, for our clients and I think I'm doing great! However, it may be 6 months before I realize earnings as a small start-up company I need income. I've linked to top companies in the real estate industry and advertising, but my web-site hasn't generated 2 cents. Any suggestions?
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  • Posted by ROIHUNTER on Member

    Your website isn't helping you.

    1. Organize your message based on your key themes: New Home Construction, Eco stuff, example / portfolio.

    2. In each of the above sections, be blunt and tell them what you want them to do (examples follow)
    a) Call us and let us prove to you how our homes will same you money CALL 1 800-doubtingthomas
    b) Not sure how much we save the planet, call us and we will give you a detialed examples
    c) FAX us you favortie floor plan and we will show you how our plans can save you more money or how we can build that plan better.

    3. You need testimonials

    4. You need a comparison chart showing your house vs another and their monthly gas / electric bills for the last six months.

    Hope that helps
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    Your imput will be very helpful, but the question is how do I create income from my affiliate programs. Thanks
  • Posted by ROIHUNTER on Accepted

    Sorry, my bad, I didn't understand your original question. I don't have a client that I recomend sending a possible prospects off to another company. I focus my efforts on getting that prospect to conver into a customer.

    That said, I would do all the things I said above, AND, put your ads ina better place. I didn't see your ads at first, but then I turned off my ad blocker, and I still had to look hard for your ads. Also, a couple of your links gave me 404's.

    Right now, the web site isn't helping you get your visitor to the bottom of the page so move the ads so they don't have to. But I should say one of the reasons I don't recomend this type of revenue stream for my clients is because of the very low conversion rate. The cost of buying leads and hoping the convert is very expensive.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks Kathleen & Roihunter,

    As soon as my site editor comes back on line I'll be utilizing your ideas I appreciate both of your efforts. Katheen 75pts, Roihunter 50pts
    Thanks Again Randall

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