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Vol. 4 , No. 31     August 2, 2005


In this Newsletter:

  1. How to Create a Focused DM House List
  2. Four Steps to Winning the Budget Battle With Your CFO
  3. A New Vision From the Inventor of the World Wide Web: An Interview With Tim Berners-Lee
  4. How to Select a Translation Agency
  5. Why Not Guarantee Professional Services?
  6. Effective Marketing Copy: It's Not Just About Benefits
  7. Marketing Challenge: The Timing of Release Dates


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Michael Fischler
How to Create a Focused DM House List

In the second installment of this three-part series, the author shared with you some of the ways you can use Word to take what appears to be unmanageable text and in a very short time turn it into a useable database.

But if you look back at the file you created, you'll see that the list, while good, is not complete. At least, it's not complete if you want to personalize the outreach by name and title. Here's how to both complete the record and then create a personalized, compelling offer.

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Guy Powell
Four Steps to Winning the Budget Battle With Your CFO

You worked hard on developing your strategy and designing great creative. Now you have to go to the CFO and get his approval to start rolling it out.

But then he axes 25% out of plan, just because he could. Now you have to spend all night reworking your plan so you can begin executing in the morning.

How often do marketers face this dilemma? Too often. Here are four steps that will help you gain approval on your next great strategy.

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Andy Updegrove
A New Vision From the Inventor of the World Wide Web: An Interview With Tim Berners-Lee

Obviously, one of the great technical innovations of our time is the World Wide Web, invented by Tim Berners-Lee. Here, he speaks about the launch of the next generation of his creation: the Semantic Web.

What is the Semantic Web? It's a "smarter," more useful resource that enables a new dimension of archiving and search.

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A Note to Readers

Re-Creating the Web

One of my favorite articles this week is not really about marketing. It's a Q&A that my old friend Andy Updegrove conducted with Tim Berners-Lee—widely considered the wizard who conjured up the Web.

Berners-Lee has a new vision these days, and he's taken the lead in developing the necessary standards to create and implement the next generation of the Web, which he calls the Semantic Web.

What is the Semantic Web? It's a smarter, more useful approach to catalogue important data on the Web—"thus enabling a new dimension of archiving and search," writes Andy. "The Semantic Web can therefore be thought of as a 'smarter,' more useful resource."

In the interview, Berners-Lee talks about detractors who wonder just why we need the Semantic Web. After all, we have Google.

Berners-Lee has an answer: "Google is great for helping people find things, yes! But finding things more easily is not the same thing as using the Semantic Web. It's about creating things from data you've compiled yourself, or combining it with volumes (think databases, not so much individual documents) of data from other sources to make new discoveries. It's about the ability to use and reuse vast volumes of data."

It's a fascinating interview about a topic that will doubtless send its ripple effects throughout marketing and countless other industries. Be sure to check it out.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


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  2. Steps to Writing Sales Literature That Sells
  3. Dear Marketing: An Open Letter From Your Customer
  4. How to Talk to Creative People About Branding
  5. Opportunity Gaps: Do You Know What to Look for?
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Chanin Ballance
How to Select a Translation Agency

Consider this: the US is the only place in the world where you can go almost 3,000 miles in one direction without having to change language, currency or culture. Virtually everywhere else in the world, anyone covering such a distance would encounter up to a dozen or more international borders, with significant differences in language, culture and tradition.

As the world economy becomes more integrated, the importance of top-quality translations will only continue to grow.

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Michael W. McLaughlin
Why Not Guarantee Professional Services?

Professional services marketing literature is full of claims about the quality of offerings and dedication to client results. Without a guarantee to back up those words, though, clients just perceive them as empty promises.

If you're serious about service excellence and client results, put some teeth into your assertions.

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Mike O'Sullivan
Effective Marketing Copy: It's Not Just About Benefits

You've heard it many times: If you want your marketing materials to do their job, you have to stress benefits, not features. Ultimately, your target readers don't care about what your product does. They care about what your product does for them.

But with all the focus on "benefits," it's easy to forget that benefits don't work in a vacuum. Whenever you write copy, there's more you must always keep in mind.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: The Timing of Release Dates

Whether you are talking Harry Potter books or more complex products, the timing of release dates can be critical to your success—especially if those products or bundled services are being sold to businesses instead of consumers.

So when do you announce a new product's release? See what readers have to say.

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