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What Are The Guidelines Of Ads & Promo Coordinator

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I am a graphic designer and want to move on, i am working as an ads & promo coordiantor but i dont know what to do?
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    Hi oznarac74 ,
    Why do you want to move on right now?
    Are you bored with your present position?
    Have you looked into other interests?
    I would suggest while contemplating a career change you should write down all your skills and see where you can utilize those skills in a new job. It is common to get bored after doing something for a while. I think you need to recharge your career. This you can do by taking a career value and motivation test. Also, begin to work on your portfolio. Compile all your best work together in a folder and label them. This you can present to your prospective boss or if you want to go in a business for yourself you will have it to present to your clients.

    Finally, I think the best thing you can ever do is to be always true to yourself. By doing so, go after your passion and make it a reality. Do not make anything hold you back from achieving your goals. Your passion has a way to resurface in your mind when you pushed it away. There are certain things that will come natural to you. I think it is telling you this is your calling. Good luck. Please let me know if I can be of further help.

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    thanks to aira and michaelcannu.... in career change from graphic designer to ads & promo coordinator and art director........ what are the advantages and disadvantages of the said position? in my status i am very willing to go back to the basic as long as i can learn and overcome those new challenges that i will be facing ahead of my career?

    guys i need only the basic understanding how those position works and if their some guidelines it will be a great help for me....... more power to you guys

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