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Vol. 4 , No. 38     September 20, 2005


In this Newsletter:

  1. 15 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty
  2. Before You Write: Your 10-Point Checklist
  3. How Marketing Should Communicate (So Sales Will Listen)
  4. How to Leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing (Even If You Don't Sell iPods)
  5. Understanding Your Customers Through Their Own Stories
  6. The End of Solution-Based Selling
  7. The Brand's the Thing: Making M&A Work


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Premium Content

Jill Griffin
15 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty

Many think that the lowest price is the only thing that keeps a customer returning. But, take heart. Customer loyalty is alive and well. Look no further than Dell, Harrah's, Starbucks, USAA, Chick-fil-a or Harley-Davidson, to name a few, and you'll find companies that are consistently earning customer loyalty while their competitors struggle.

But, what is this thing called customer loyalty? How can you recognize it? And -- most importantly -- how can you foster loyalty to your own organization?

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Jonathan Kranz
Before You Write: Your 10-Point Checklist

The secret to successful copy is in all the thought, work and research you do before you write a single word.

In the following 10 tips, Kranz lifts the curtain to reveal the backstage mechanics you can leverage for more effective copywriting.

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Alison Chandless
How Marketing Should Communicate (So Sales Will Listen)

Let's face it, sales people are notoriously hard to impress—even when you can get their attention. They tend to be very opportunistic learners; they want information when they need it, not before, and if the content isn't completely relevant to their selling strategies—you've lost them.

But your sales organization needs a deep understanding of your customer's business issues and the value of your solutions. So marketing teams need to find new, compelling and sales-relevant tools and techniques to educate sales teams.

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A Note to Readers

Introducing TestLab

So often here at MarketingProfs, we publish articles that articulate the importance of testing your marketing campaigns to optimize your efforts. The truth is that you can increase the odds that your efforts will resonate with your customers—but you have to test what works... and what falls flat.

But how do you test alternatives in an easy, economical and timely way? As an answer to that otherwise difficult question, MarketingProfs has developed TestLab.

TestLab allows you to run live tests or experiments of content, landing pages, forms—whatever—on your site. It works by presenting alternative content to your site visitors and measuring their response in real time. Try it on one page spot (that's "A/B testing" for you marketing geeks) or on several spots at once (that's "multivariate testing").

TestLab is both easy to use and less expensive than the competition, says MProfs Publisher Allen Weiss. And he should know—this is the kind of thing we dream of here at MarketingProfs. (After all, we have site visitors to convert, too.)

So... embrace your inner scientist! Check out TestLab and start making better decisions about your Web content. Check it out, and let me know what you think:

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Mobile Marketing to Millennials: Is Your Brand Moving as Fast as Young Adults Are?
  2. Three (Plus One) of the Best Marketing Books of 2005: Start Reading Here
  3. Three Effective Ways to Open a Sales Letter
  4. How to Create Stronger Value Propositions
  5. A Marketing Toolkit for Every CEO
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September 29
Managing Customers as Long Term Investments
Presented by
Sunil Gupta,
professor at Columbia Business School

October 6
Web Site Redesign from the User Experience
Presented by Kelly Goto, best-selling author of
Web Redesign:
Workflow That Works


Terri Whitesel
How to Leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing (Even If You Don't Sell iPods)

Word-of-mouth, or WOM, has become the buzzword in many marketing and advertising circles.

Whether you are working in the B2C or B2B space, having your customers tell their friends, family and work colleagues about your product or service is what we all hope to achieve (and translate) into new leads, new customers, increased sales and improved brand awareness.

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Neil Davidson
Understanding Your Customers Through Their Own Stories

Marketers often delegate responsibility for thinking and decision-making to research companies. Yet much of the customer intelligence in these research debriefs already exists within organizations—and in a format that is easier to understand and remember, and is far more engaging, than PowerPoint presentations or documents. It also encourages innovative solutions.

Such customer intelligence exists in the form of customer stories, which can replace the safety net of customer research. They can be a springboard for customer-based innovation.

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Jeff Thull
The End of Solution-Based Selling

The way most companies are selling solutions just doesn't work in today's business world. Things have gotten so complex that most customers can't even comprehend what their problems are, let alone distinguish between you and your competitors.

The answer is to quit selling your solution as you would sell any other product and start selling like a "business advisor," a job that requires the diagnostic skills of a doctor.

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Ken Fenyo
The Brand's the Thing: Making M&A Work

As a rule, pre-merger expectations don't measure up to long-term results. Up to 70% of merged companies don't achieve their predicted revenue synergies -- a problem that's further complicated when companies have multiple brands and serve a variety of customer segments.

If the newly combined company hopes to meet expected growth objectives, the executive team must create a combined offer that is uniquely valued by customers and differentiated from competitors.

Marketers can help ensure the transaction lives up to its promise by following these three principles.

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