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Vol. 6 , No. 42     October 16, 2007


In this Newsletter:

  1. How to Reach Facebook's Millions of Members in Nine Easy Steps
  2. MarketingProfs Video: RSS—REALLY Simplified
  3. Going Global in a Web 2.0 World: A Punch List for Small Business
  4. Micro Branding—Macro Results
  5. MP Classic: 10 Online Writing Concepts That Work Wonders Offline, Too
  6. What Is Your 'Return on Marketing Integrity'?
  7. The New Rules of Internet Marketing


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Premium Content

Mack Collier
How to Reach Facebook's Millions of Members in Nine Easy Steps

Facebook is the hot social-networking site of the moment. With the site's incredible growth in recent months, many marketers are scrambling to find a way to access the site's millions of users, who could be potential customers.

This article will walk you through the steps necessary to successfully use Facebook to better reach and understand your customers, as a fellow member of the community.

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Inside the Secret World of White Listing

Enterprise email marketers can greatly enhance deliverability by getting added to ISPs’ white lists of trusted senders. Navigate the process with insight from Silverpop

Silverpop – Your Partner for Email Marketing Success

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Matt Dickman
MarketingProfs Video: RSS—REALLY Simplified

Marketers may be from Venus and IT might be from Mars, but marketers nonetheless need to understand what the IT guys are talking about.

In a new series of short videos, Matt Dickman simplifies technobabble into a framework that marketers can understand and act on. The next time you have a meeting where they're speaking "geek," you can surprise them with your knowledge instead of just nodding along.

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Laurel Delaney
Going Global in a Web 2.0 World: A Punch List for Small Business

In a world that is now fully connected, people and businesses are putting their opinions, observations, insights, thoughts, and capabilities online, via some very helpful tools.

Here's what one fictitious small business did to grow its customer base, and reach potential customers worldwide.

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This Week's Case Study
How a State Agency's Anti-Smoking Campaign Effectively Reached Teens via the Web, TV and Live Events

A Note to Readers

Advertising on a Shoestring (and a New Video Series)

How many of you have had found yourself talking with a friend who interchanges the words "marketing" and "advertising," as if it’s the same dif? It's happened to me a lot.

But recently when it happened, I started thinking that most of the money spent on marketing is actually directed toward advertising, so maybe the conventional ignorance is not so ignorant after all. Maybe, in the end, the best marketers are really just the best advertisers.

All of this is thinking is particularly timely, as advertising is the star subject of the next in the Small Business Marketing series. Join us for Advertising on a Modest Budget this Friday, October 12, at 3 p.m. eastern. As our host Michael Goodman will explain, advertising is probably more important, and represents a larger share of the marketing budget, for small- and medium-sized businesses than for larger businesses. The leverage from advertising for a small business can be tremendous.

The series has proven to be extremely popular, even with marketers in some larger corporate environments. I hope you'll join us!

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

p.s. This week, we introduce a new short video series for marketers, produced by Matt Dickman in association with MP. This week, Matt explains RSS – what it is, and how it fits into your business. The video is part of a regular "Whiteboard" series in which Matt deconstructs technologies that marketers should understand (but often don’t).

I'm excited about this series – Matt has a gift for making complex technologies decidedly less so. In other words, he speaks your language. Watch the video here. You can also subscribe to all of our future videos by clicking the "Subscribe" button on our new "MarketingProfs Channel" here.


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. How to Size and Build a Sales Territory
  2. Killer Web Content Examples
  3. Breaking News: Advertising Is Dead!
  4. Fueling the Engine of Sales Success: Five Keys to Sustainable Self-Motivation
  5. Partnership Brand Marketing—It's About Distribution Channels
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Thursday, October 18th
How to Build a Consistent Pipeline of Customer Referrals
Presenter Daryl Logullo talks about this often overlooked source of sales leads.

Friday, October 19th
How to Advertise on a Modest Budget
The title says it all for this sixth seminar in our Small Business Series.

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Martin Lindstrom
Micro Branding—Macro Results

The better you are at involving your customers in the philosophy of your brand, the better they'll understand why you're special.

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Suzan St. Maur
MP Classic: 10 Online Writing Concepts That Work Wonders Offline, Too

In this MarketingProfs Classic, originally published in April of 2003, Suzan St. Maur highlights 10 online writing concepts that also kick offline.

"After all the agonies we suffered some years ago when some tried to make offline text work online, we've finally turned the tables," she writes. "Now we can borrow back a number of online writing concepts and use them to sharpen up our paper-based marketing communications."

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Lynn B. Upshaw
What Is Your 'Return on Marketing Integrity'?

Marketers need to consider a new calculus: "return on marketing integrity"—that is, a new type of "ROMI"—which can lead to stronger business performance.

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Nilofer Merchant
The New Rules of Internet Marketing

Understanding how the Internet changes the rules of marketing is a huge challenge for CEOs: Which practices are obsolete? What new opportunities should be pursued? How do we define success in this new scenario?

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