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Vol. 6 , No. 43     October 23, 2007


In this Newsletter:

  1. How to Influence Marketing Decisions When Your Boss or Client Is Dead Wrong
  2. MarketingProfs Videos: What Is Digg?
  3. How Nike Women's Marathon Wins the Gold in Marketing to Women
  4. The Experts' Guide to Becoming a Recognized Expert: Get Great Speaking Gigs to Build Your Reputation
  5. A 10-Step Program for Search Engine Fitness
  6. What Is Advertising's Most Important Word?
  7. MP 'Classic Truths': If You Don't Measure, You Can't Manage: The Best Metrics for Managing Marketing Performance


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Premium Content

Elaine Fogel
How to Influence Marketing Decisions When Your Boss or Client Is Dead Wrong

When your boss or client has the final say, and the decision doesn't make good marketing sense, what do you do?

This dilemma is not uncommon. Many senior managers have little marketing knowledge, yet the buck does stop with them. Here's an approach to help you "convince" your boss or client that you have a solid point.

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Matt Dickman
MarketingProfs Videos: What Is Digg?

What is Digg? And how does it work? This pair of videos about social-network site is a look at the site from the inside-out... with the goal of educating marketers on this social network.

These two short videos, part of a series of videos for MarketingProfs to simplify common technobabble into a framework that marketers can understand and act on, are geared to give you a visual overview. Here, you'll learn why you should (or shouldn't) care about Digg.

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Marti Barletta
How Nike Women's Marathon Wins the Gold in Marketing to Women

This past weekend, Nike hosted its 4th annual Women's Marathon in San Francisco... and, friends, this is no ordinary marathon.

Yes, it's still 26.2 miles of courage and pain, but this course is also full of female-friendly delights and surprises. Specifically designed with women in mind, the Nike Women's Marathon motivates women to bring their body, mind, spirit, and camaraderie to run their best race.

Let's take a look at the core marketing-to-women strategies that Nike is using to elevate the impact of this event.

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This Week's Case Study
How Garden Fresh Realized a Huge Gain in Web Traffic and Longer-Term Loyalty via Lively Email Campaigns

A Note to Readers

News from MP Headquarters

Lots going on this week at the International Headquarters of MarketingProfs, including…

1. The MarketingProfs video channel was the #77th "most subscribed" channel last week on YouTube in the "Guru" section. Sure, it’s a small – ok, tiny – honor. But given that the channel is only a few weeks old, it’s nonetheless a thrill. Thanks to all of you, and a special thanks to Matt Dickman, who is producing the fabulous video shorts for us.

2. Big changes afoot in the look and feel of this newsletter. The design of the MarketingProfs flagship newsletter hasn’t changed in more than 5 years – so we think its high-time, don’t you? Look for a sexier, more streamlined look next week.

3. Speaking of newsletters, next week we’ll also introduce a second in the Get to the Point series of “60-second” marketing reads. We already publish Get to the Point: Small Business. Next week, we’ll introduce Get to the Point: Marketing Inspiration. Curious? Sign up here to get the first issue.

That’s it, folks, 'til next week! (But isn’t that plenty?)

Thanks for stopping by,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

PS: Oh, one more thing. Isn't there always?) If you ever thought about signing up for Premium Plus membership and participating in all those lovely online seminars every week, now's the time. I hear the price is going up in a few short weeks.


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  2. The New Rules of Internet Marketing
  3. Going Global in a Web 2.0 World: A Punch List for Small Business
  4. MP Classic: 10 Online Writing Concepts That Work Wonders Offline, Too
  5. Micro Branding—Macro Results
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Thursday, November 8th
What You Need to Know About Becoming (or Hiring) a Marketing Consultant
Hear what Michael Goodman has to say if you're thinking about making this big leap.

Thursday, November 15th
Publicity Power Tool: Building a Great Press Kit
PR expert Gail Z. Martin explains what you must include, what to leave out and why.

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Miles Galliford
The Experts' Guide to Becoming a Recognized Expert: Get Great Speaking Gigs to Build Your Reputation

Your reputation can be greatly enhanced and reinforced by speaking at industry events. This article provides a checklist to help you win valuable speaking gigs.

Invest some time in getting on the stage, and it will pay off many times over in helping you build your business. Follow the tips and tricks herein to maximize the benefits.

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Chet Geschickter
A 10-Step Program for Search Engine Fitness

There's no silver bullet for search engine optimization. You need to do the right things over and over, over extended periods of time. Key among these are generating relevant content, gaining inbound links, and designing and coding for search friendliness.

Perform these 10 exercises to start your program of search engine fitness.

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Jerry Bader
What Is Advertising's Most Important Word?

What is advertising's most important word? The simple, innocuous word "like": a nondescript word that carries with it all the conceptualization power you need to create a business identity, to form a brand personality, and to position your product or service in the mind of your audience.

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Laura Patterson
MP 'Classic Truths': If You Don't Measure, You Can't Manage: The Best Metrics for Managing Marketing Performance

Without metrics to track performance, marketing and business plans are ineffective.

For marketers, three primary metrics stand out as a starting point for tracking their performance. Once companies are aware of their competitive position, their desired outcomes, and what it will take to achieve those outcomes, companies will be better able to identify the success factors, benchmarks, and appropriate metrics to meet their target.

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