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What is Digg? And how does it work? This pair of videos about social-network site is a look at the site from the inside-out... with the goal of educating marketers on this social network.

These two short videos, part of a series of videos for MarketingProfs to simplify common technobabble into a framework that marketers can understand and act on, are geared to give you a visual overview. Here, I'll tell you why you should (or shouldn't) care about Digg, and give you a broad analysis of how the technology could help in other situations.

Certainly many of you have heard of Digg or see the tags around the Web and at the bottom of blog posts. Digg is a social news aggregator that relies on the community of "Diggers" to filter, share, and vote on the top news. The site has several categories of news but in large part remains geared toward technical audiences.

Users of the site submit content by clicking on the Digg icon or submitting it through the site itself. Users add a description of the content along with the URL and tags for reference. Freshly "Dugg" content filters to an "upcoming" area, where other users vote it up. Content that has a lot of diggs in a short amount of time moves toward the home page at a faster pace (diggs*velocity=popularity).

In these two videos, I take you through

In this first video, we'll look at the user interface, go through the major screens, and talk about how the system works:

In the second video, using the whiteboard I'll show you how it works:

Watch these two videos, and I guarantee that the next time your IT staff talks about "Digg-ing" something, you can be ready to chime in with confidence.

As we said last week, marketers may be from Venus and IT guys from Mars, but Marketing nonetheless needs to understand what IT is talking about.

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Matt Dickman is a technology evangelist and interactive marketing strategist at digital marketing firm DigiKnow ( He helps clients use technology to reach their marketing objectives.