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Vol. 6 , No. 33     August 14, 2007


In this Newsletter:

  1. A Five-Step Customer Experience Mapping Process to Improve Customer Retention
  2. PowerPoint, Warts and All: Relearning to Communicate
  3. What Under Armour and Trojan Know About Gender-Specific Marketing
  4. Does Web 2.0 Make Copy and Content Less Important?
  5. Your Marketing Campaign: What's the Big Idea?
  6. Six Questions to Inspire a Successful Marketing Story
  7. Under Pressure: Moving From Traditional to Digital Media


How to Increase Response to All Advertising without Spending Another Dime.

How You Will Kick More Butt by Turning Marketing Projects into Processes: A Step-By-Step Guide.

Getting Started with Marketing Metrics: Why, What, and How to Track Every Marketing Investment You Make.

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Premium Content

Laura Patterson
A Five-Step Customer Experience Mapping Process to Improve Customer Retention

Creating a customer experience map compels a company to take a customer-centric view. By identifying, mapping, and measuring the customer experience, you are able to identify and address any gaps and disconnects within your organization that you customers might experience.

To realistically measure the customer experience, however, you need to establish and follow a disciplined process that will reveal what truly matters to your customers. The process entails the following five steps.

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Abhay Padgaonkar
PowerPoint, Warts and All: Relearning to Communicate

PowerPoint recently (and quietly) celebrated its 20th birthday. Why do some people love it while others passionately hate it?

And how can we learn from its strength and its limitations, to be better and more effective communicators?

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Andrea Learned
What Under Armour and Trojan Know About Gender-Specific Marketing

A few more traditionally male-oriented brands are connecting with the women's market in clever ways, and it is worth taking note of their approaches. Take, for instance, the Under Armour and Trojan brands, each of which has relatively new ad campaigns that bear this out.

In both cases, the brands dialed into the specifics of the humor, tone, message, and design they know to be effective for their existing typically male market, but they developed approaches that definitely invited women into that conversation.

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This Week's Case Study
How a Nonprofit Used Member Resources to Increase Brand Awareness Across Multiple Markets

A Note to Readers

The 'P' Word

Did you ever notice how strategic decisions are often governed by the budget you have? When there’s money left over in the budget you look for ways to spend it effectively, and when the budget gets cut… well, you simply stop whatever you’d planned to do.

This Friday in the Small Business Seminar series, the charming and knowledgeable Michael Goodman looks at the marketing mix element that often has the greatest and most immediate impact on what happens to the budget: pricing.

Pricing, Michael says, is the one thing in the marketing mix that is most frequently ignored by marketers, either because they think it’s “not my job” or because they aren’t totally comfy with pricing as an integral part of the total marketing picture.

“Marketers, even some very experienced professionals, don’t give pricing strategy the consideration it deserves,” he says. “If they’d spend as much time and energy on pricing as they do on, say, advertising or promotion, they might find that the return on their time invested is a lot greater.”

In the seminar this Friday, August 17, How to Set Prices the Smart Way, Michael is going to look at the techniques and approaches that have proven effective for his clients to manage pricing as part of the marketing mix – often with a major impact on the bottom line.

This is one seminar you won’t want to miss.

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

p.s. I almost wrote, "See you there!" above... but then I realized that actually, I won't! In fact, I'll be on an airplane heading home from California, and Editorial Director Val Frazee will be hosting the seminar from Santa Barbara, MP's unofficial headquarters, where our team is gathered this week for a management retreat. But I'll look forward to playing back the recording later -- which is an option for you, too, if you're otherwise engaged.


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  2. A Web Site Without Video Is Like...
  3. MP Classic: Three Steps to Great Copy
  4. A Glimpse Into the Future of Advertising: Japan's Dentsu
  5. Web Site Creation and the Eye of the Spider
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Friday, August 17th
How to Set Prices the Smart Way
Fourth topic in our highly rated Small Business Series!

Thursday, August 23rd
Creating Profitable Marketing Partnerships with Nonprofits
Gail Z. Martin explains how to give back and get ahead while extending your marketing reach.

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Nick Usborne
Does Web 2.0 Make Copy and Content Less Important?

If your users generate content, what's the role of the professional web writer?Is an online copywriter or web writer any longer relevant for a site that generates a lot of its content through user contributions?

Nick thinks so. In fact, he says that the job of the web writer becomes even more critical.

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Gwyneth Dwyer
Your Marketing Campaign: What's the Big Idea?

You're rolling out a marketing campaign. Launching a product. Revitalizing your brand.

What's the big idea? Not to sound flippant, but you need one. Because without it, it's likely your campaign, product launch, or brand repositioning won't be memorable—or particularly effective. Here's where to start.

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Jerry Bader
Six Questions to Inspire a Successful Marketing Story

Every company has a story to tell, but how do marketers figure out the best way to tell it, in a compelling way?

Here are six questions that will help you develop your marketing story.

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Michael Emerson
Under Pressure: Moving From Traditional to Digital Media

By now you've all heard—Internet ad spending is up, spending on traditional media is down.

With so much attention given to Web 2.0 and its technology-enabled marketing tactics, marketers using traditional approaches are under increased pressure to become more digital and technology driven.

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