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Session 1

What's the "Big Idea?" Key Trends in Marketing—and Where AI Fits In, presented by Salesforce

with Martin Kihn

Discover today's biggest trends in marketing... and how advanced AI can help you tap into them. Martin Kihn (SVP of Strategy at Salesforce Marketing Cloud and former Gartner Research VP) explores the vital trends impacting marketers, including first-party data, retail media, and Taylor Swift.

Session 2

10 Ways to Use AI for Performance and Productivity

with Andy Crestodina

Disappointed with the output you get from AI? Andy says you have to provide a lot of detailed information. Watch how Andy prompts ChatGPT to create a comprehensive, SEO-friendly outline for his articles. Just don't forget to edit the output.

Session 3

Choosing the Right AI Tools

with Katie Robbert

It seems like there's a new AI tool every week. But is it worth your time? And what tools should you be looking at? Katie Robbert (CEO of Trust Insights) walks you through the 5P framework to assess your needs, shares the most common use cases for AI, and helps you select the right tools for your marketing toolkit.

Session 4

CreAItion: Using Artificial Creative Intelligence in Marketing Design

with Jared Williams

AI is democratizing design. Today, non-designer marketers can use AI to generate graphics and layouts—and designers can work faster than ever. Jared Williams (AI Consultant at Campfire Glow) shares how to apply generative AI-based design to your projects, improving design operations efficiency.

Session 5

Using AI to Create Better Video Content, Faster

with Tyler Lessard

AI has made a serious impact on the video creation and production world, offering new ways to create high-quality videos faster than ever. Tyler Lessard (video marketing strategist) uncovers the roles AI plays in today's video creation and shares his favorite tools to make better video content faster.

Session 6

Using AI for Email Marketing

with Erica Salm Rench

AI can write content—but that's not the only way to use AI in your email marketing! Erica Salm Rench (COO at shares how AI can automate your repetitive tasks with AI, provide personalized content recommendations, and more. Streamline your email workflow with efficient AI tools.

Session 7

From Prospects to Pipeline: Mastering the Use of AI in Your Landing Pages

with Mary Owusu

Discover how to use AI to create five- and six-figure landing pages that transform prospects into sales-qualified leads in a matter of days or weeks—not months or years. Mary Owusu (CEO at Sprint Marketer) reveals the secrets to high-converting landing pages... and how AI can 10x their performance.

Session 8

Using AI to Modernize Your SEO Strategy in 2024

with Dale Bertrand

Getting a leg up on modern search engines requires not just new SEO tools—it requires new search strategies. Dale Bertrand (founder and president at Fire&Spark) shares his framework to enhance your SEO campaign results and dramatically improve your productivity... without replacing your human creativity.

Session 9

Next-Gen Social: Unleashing AI for Epic Social Media Success

with Brooke Sellas

Reach your buyers where they hang out—social media—and let AI do the heavy work! Brooke Sellas (CEO of B Squared Media) uncovers AI tools and strategies to transform your social marketing, raise engagement, and grow your brand reputation... plus the ethical concerns that make or break brand trust with buyers.

Session 10

The Marketer's Guide to Prompt Engineering

with Christopher S. Penn

There's no shortage of AI tools. But the quality of the results you get are directly related to the prompts you feed those tools. Christopher S. Penn (chief data scientist at Trust Insights) uncovers the magic of AI prompting, his favorite structure to engineer your own high-performing prompts, and more.