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Monday, October 08, 2018

Hello, discerning marketers!

Learning is in our DNA. "Our" as in humans', for one. We have survived as a species because we are capable of learning—to adapt, to change, to create and master disciplines that advance human society. "Our" as in marketers', too. We are continually learning to do our jobs better, faster, more efficiently. To master our discipline or specialty.

And, of course, "our" as in MarketingProfs'. After all, our founder was a professor of marketing who was intent on sharing marketing knowledge online—at the turn of the century (and millennium), a time of accelerating and exhilarating changes that have since changed marketing forever.

Why am I going on about all this? Because I am immensely proud that in a just-released survey, B2B buyers said the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum is the in-person event that has the most influence on their purchase decisions! (See below.)

At 'Profs, we're all giddy at that research finding. Most of all because it tells us that we are on track to accomplishing our organizational mission: helping you learn!

So, without further ado, here's the most recent issue of MarketingProfs Today, just for you:
How Your Business Can Win at Voice Search
Five Ways to Use Video in Your Hiring Process
Buyer-Centric Demand Generation: A NEW Learning Path
Influencing B2B Sales: Top Conferences, Social Networks, and Analysts
Hearing Voices: How to Create Impact With the Right Voiceover [Infographic]
How Your Business Can Win at Voice Search
The future of voice search is already here, friends, and if your business isn't set up for it... then you're tempting fate. Provide relevant, contextual answers to consumers' voice searches if you want to future-proof your search marketing—and your business. And here's how you can do exactly that...
Five Ways to Use Video in Your Hiring Process
We marketers use video for good reason: It can help us get our point across—fast. Video can do the same for your (admit it) exhausting processes for hiring and onboarding. So... lights, video, action! See how to improve your hiring process.
Data-Driven Marketing 101: How to Optimize the Customer Experience
Data-driven marketing helps you target and reach the right audience with the most relevant content at the most appropriate time. Bonus: it helps you align Sales and Marketing. To find out more, including obstacles to avoid on your path to data-driven success, access this handy e-book.
Buyer-Centric Demand Generation: A NEW Learning Path
Buyer-centric demand generation is all about putting your customer first. Simple enough, if done right. Right? Lucky for you, this new learning path covers everything you need to know to create and implement a thriving demand-generation program. Start learning!
Influencing B2B Sales: Buyers' Favorite Conferences, Social Networks, and Analysts
You know when someone brags about you and you're trying to be humble... but it's oh-so-hard? That's how we felt when we read this report on the in-person events, social networks, and industry analysts that have the greatest influence on B2B buyers. See which resources B2B buyers most rely on!
Hearing Voices: How to Create Impact With the Right Voiceover [Infographic]
Bombastic or mellow? Gravelly or high-pitched? How should you select your voiceover talent? This infographic explains what criteria marketers need to consider to select the right voices, and how making the right choice can create a true, emotional connection with your audience. Find your voice.
Profs Picks
Your demand gen strategy is only as good as the data that powers it—especially your contact and account data. This savvy-marketer's guide to personalized demand gen from Zoominfo can help you maximize your demand gen success with proven techniques, including targeted outreach and segmentation, intelligent and dynamic data, and personalized content. Get the e-book.
Interested in leveling-up your career (and maybe even you life)? From perfecting your content strategy and automated email journeys to crafting experiential stories and getting started with AI, at the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum you'll get the knowledge and tools you need to deliver results that will make you a marketing star in your company. Check out the full conference program.
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So glad you could join us today!

—Vahe Habeshian, Director of Publications (AKA, Content Cop)

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