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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Zero-Party Data: What It Is, Why You Should Care, and How to Collect It
AI in B2B: Let's Not Forget the Intelligence of Humans
B2B Forum 2020: Prices Are Going Up on March 3
The Content Characteristics of High-Performing Blog Posts [Study]
What Is Zero-Party Data, Why Should Marketers Care, and How Can You Collect It?
In the new era of data privacy and more stringent regulations, marketers need to turn away from third-party data. To build trust while maintaining personalization, marketers are turning to zero-party data. So... what is it, and how can you collect it?
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AI in B2B: Let's Not Forget the Intelligence of Humans
Trade publications are inundated with references to, and hype for, artificial intelligence. Everywhere you look, AI is being touted as the answer—even to some questions we aren't asking. Marketing is not immune to this push for AI. Quite the opposite, actually. But is it warranted?
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Big Book of ABM: Five Businesses Reveal Their Top-Performing ABM Campaign
See how five real businesses designed and executed ABM campaigns that generated tangible results. Check out ad and direct mail examples; preview multitouch, multichannel touchpoint diagrams; and identify essential ABM tools and tech. Get all the details.
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Prices Are Going Up on B2B Forum 2020
MarketingProfs event
You have less than one week to save $600 on your ticket to B2B Forum 2020. With 70+ tactical sessions, inspiring keynotes, and plenty of opportunities for creative networking, MarketingProfs B2B Forum will take your marketing (and career) to the next level. Register by March 3.
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The Content Characteristics of High-Performing Blog Posts [Study]
Do top-performing blog posts tend to have certain characteristics in common, such as copy length, headline length, headline type, and content structure? To find out, SEMrush analyzed 700,000 posts on different blogs. Check out the study findings.
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Profs Picks
We'd all like to reach more accounts and drive more pipeline for our sales teams with our account-based marketing (ABM) efforts. How can we increase brand awareness and content consumption? And shepherd important accounts through the funnel? This guide, Account-Based Plays for 2020, offers step-by-step ABM plays to target and engage your most valuable prospects and identifies one channel that can consistently reach both the known and unknown and the engaged and unengaged. Find out more: Download the guide by RollWorks.
What's a really good way to describe what MarketingProfs B2B Forum (#mpb2b) can do for you? Pack a year's worth of marketing knowledge into 2-3 days of intense learning, networking, and fun & shenanigans? Yes... that sounds about right. If previous B2B Forums are any indication, you just know #mpb2b 2020—in San Francisco, November 3-6, 2020—is going to be AMAZING! So register now to save!
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