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Vol. 4 , No. 4     January 25, 2005


In this Newsletter:

  1. What Are Your Customers Really Worth?
  2. Cause-Related Marketing: Does Corporate America Genuinely Care?
  3. Three Critical Steps to Tracking Direct Marketing Campaigns
  4. Goal-Chopping: How to Reduce Chaos in Your Strategy
  5. SWOT Team: What's the Least Painful Way to Measure ROI?
  6. 10 Golden Rules for Getting Great Work From a Design Agency
  7. Using Op-Eds to Advance Your PR Program


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Allen Weiss
What Are Your Customers Really Worth?

It's clear that keeping customers brings tremendous value to the firm. But how much value, exactly? We marketers should know the answer, because the CEO and Board want to know.

There are myriad ways to calculate the lifetime value of a customer. Here's a simple but highly useful calculation that your firm can use to calculate the lifetime value of your customers.

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If every ad were seen by someone who was interested in your product or service?
Find out what Claria can do for you.

Elaine Fogel
Cause-Related Marketing: Does Corporate America Genuinely Care?

When corporate America participates in cause-related marketing programs, it enhances its image, customers show greater loyalty, the public recognizes companies as good corporate citizens, and the companies gain a competitive advantage in staff recruitment and retention.

But does corporate America really care?

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Jean Marie Peachy
Three Critical Steps to Tracking Direct Marketing Campaigns

To optimize campaign performance, you must understand which media is driving response, which creative is most responsive and whether new offers increase response versus previous efforts. You can only draw conclusive results if you are willing to adopt tracking and measurement strategies and tactics prior to launching campaigns.

In fact, agencies as well as clients need to take these three critical steps to ensure flawless execution of tracking.

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A Note to Readers

Q&A: Our Minister of Customer Service

Greetings, discerning readers. Today, this space contains something a little different, as I chat with one of the newest additions to the MProfs team.

Shelley Ryan joined us just a week or two ago as our Customer Service "Top Dog," as she terms it. Shelley is charged with resolving all the small and large customer service issues that plague the business of Web site publishing—from missing newsletters to subscriber login problems. (BTW, if this describes you, reach her at

At the very least, she offers you, our loyal subscribers, an ear for complaints and kudos—and (God willing and the creek don't rise) a clear path to resolution.

Ann: You were CEO of Aren't you a little overqualified for the Customer Service Minion position?

Shelley: A little overqualified? A lot! I'm here because I'm a fascinated entrepreneur and a longtime fan of MProfs. It's invigorating to participate in a venture destined for Great Things.

Ann: Since you were a fan before you were an employee, what's your favorite MProfs resource?

Shelley: The articles are inspiring, the seminars are rich... but there's undiscovered treasure in the Know-How Exchange (KHE). Every day I'm amazed by the quality of advice offered there! Of course, it all depends on the quality of the question.

Ann: What do you do when you aren't cheerfully assisting MProfs customers?

Shelley: Contemplating my navel. Procrastinating building my "real" resume. Answering questions in the KHE. Writing!

Ann: My ears just perked up. What kind of writing?

Shelley: I'm too far away from Hollywood to do a screenplay. However, a handful of KHE Experts are forming a branding consortium, and we have some articles in the works. Stay tuned!

Ann: Finally, I have to ask... why does anyone want to listen to complaints and problems all day? Wouldn't you make a better living as a therapist?

Shelley: Therapists are overpaid and overrated! (I should know; I'm an experienced customer.) Responding to MarketingProfs members gives me instant gratification, plus it gives me insight into processes I might be able to improve. Call it cheerful meddling.

* * *

See you next week!

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Are You Building the Right Kind of Loyalty?
  2. How to Write a Killer Proposal
  3. Laws of Branding: Immutable or Refutable?
  4. Tradeshow Displays: What Makes Them Work
  5. The Pitfalls of Leadership
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Sean D’Souza
Goal-Chopping: How to Reduce Chaos in Your Strategy

If you can do the three big things this month, quarter or year, you'll not only achieve more and earn more but also find that all of the above is measurable.

Best of all, it will give you a sense of focus; a sense of True North.

Get the full story.

Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
SWOT Team: What's the Least Painful Way to Measure ROI?

Marketing departments often have the challenge of dealing with too much data. This week: How do you collect the right sort of data and measure the efficiency of a marketing campaign? Join the conversation!

Also this week, read your answers to last week's dilemma: What is the best approach to ensure your newsletter code reaches the right inboxes?

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Powerful Email Marketing

Send newsletters and surveys and track results. Clients include, Kaplan, and Duke University.
See examples and learn more.

Mary Enderle
10 Golden Rules for Getting Great Work From a Design Agency

Building and maintaining a trusting relationship with your agency is key to project success. Many relationships with agencies fail because clients treat them like vendors instead of partners. They don't value agency advice when they really need to get a fresh perspective in solving a communication challenge.

You can learn that lesson the hard way—becoming battle scarred in the skirmishes with your design agency. Or you can follow these 10 golden rules—and find great teamwork and stronger results in the end.

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Sally Saville Hodge
Using Op-Eds to Advance Your PR Program

A single op-ed article will not change the way you or your organization is viewed overnight.

But combined with other related initiatives, they are an integral part of an expertise-oriented PR program that will help solidify your firm's standing as an expert in its field.

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