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Searching Mk Research Agency Expert Transportation

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Need to hire a Market Research Agency with experience in transportation, logistic chains, automotive & autoparts market and that have a counter-part in Mexico. It should be capable in at least two of these caracteristics. I think it is easier to get it in the States that in Mexico.

The studies that we need to develop are to identify the logistic and supply chains for autoparts, intermodal transportation flow for NAFTA.

I will appreciate if you would recommend a serious and proffesional Agency with this profile and let me know the best way to select an Agency and what questions should be posted to the agency while defining the study.
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    I would like to encourage you to include Market Decisions Corporation as one possible option for a MR provider. We conduct research in 26 different countries around the world and our client list includes among others Freightliner and Warn Industries. We have conducted many channel studies over the years and have some unique I ideas on how to approach it. Please contact me so we can talk in detail about your specific needs. You can reach me at 800-344 8725 ext 402 or by email

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