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I just started a property management job in California. I know everyone send out letters to thier sphere of influence. What other techniques can I use or how can I make my mailer special. I am offering 2 months free already. Thanks Kathy Colfer
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    I recently decided to take charge of renting some office space I have with a partner, and after interviewing several realtors and management companies I decided that the best approach was to create a website just for our office space and require any broker who wants the listing to advertise the URL -- especially since he/she is protected as far as commissions.

    Anyway, it's too early to tell whether it works, but you might want to think about that. If nothing else, it will certainly impress the owners to have a website devoted solely to their property.

    Anyone who really cares about this can check out the site at . It's very simple, but it's already starting to generate a little interest ... and I haven't spent any time on SEO.
  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted
    Kathy, visit the Search Questions link on the right side of this page. Try the keyword "property" and I think you'll find some earlier Q&A threads from people in a similar business. I vaguely recall some good ideas here...

    You could also try the keywords "real estate" to see what comes up. Maybe "rental" too.

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