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Vol. 4 , No. 47     November 29, 2005


In this Newsletter:

  1. Branding From Scratch: Creating a New Identity for an Established Institution (a Case Study)
  2. Consumer Empowerment Reloaded: Why Your Customers Should Drive Your Marketing
  3. Big Spenders: Marketing to Boomer Women
  4. Seven Common Sales Challenges That Prevent Executive Buy-In
  5. Successful PR: It's All About Understanding the Media
  6. The Case for Marketing Research
  7. Marketing Challenge: Promoting Technology in Plain English


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Abigail James
Branding From Scratch: Creating a New Identity for an Established Institution (a Case Study)

With more than 30 different visual presentations of the name in use, and at least that many different messages going to its many publics, here was a prime candidate for a branding project. But how do you combine a certain culture, with a penchant for getting things done deliberately and with consensus, with a high-concept marketing-behemoth project like branding?

With the help of partners from Boston and San Francisco, here is a case study to show how to bridge these two worlds in order to choose a new visual identity and agree on and adopt key messages about a company (in this case, a university) that appeal and apply to a wide variety of customers and stakeholders.

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Exact Target

Best Day to Send + Video iPod Referral
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Paul Marsden and Martin Oetting
Consumer Empowerment Reloaded: Why Your Customers Should Drive Your Marketing

Mention the words "consumer empowerment" to marketers, and most will shrink away from you like a vampire from light. Conjuring up all sorts of evils, consumer empowerment is considered a stake in the heart of marketing.

PVRs, pop-up blockers and on-demand media empower people to avoid advertising and make a mockery of advertising scheduling. Consumer blogs, forums and review sites give consumers a global voice that can determine the fate of a brand. The myriad product and service choices available empowers consumers to switch products on the most fleeting of whims.

So consumer empowerment means bad news for marketing, right? Surprisingly, no.

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Marti Barletta
Big Spenders: Marketing to Boomer Women

Women age 50+ constitute a market force to be reckoned with. These women are in their prime—this is the healthiest, wealthiest, most influential generation of women in history, and terms like mature (overripe), middle-aged (frumpy) and senior (out to pasture) fail to convey their vitality and potential.

These women should be the primary marketing target for a host of industries, including travel, autos, real estate, finance services, technology and home improvement. Yet they are all too often ignored by marketers, who retain an outdated obsession with youth. This group has money and the time to spend it, and those who recognize its potential will prosper.

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A Note to Readers

Spelling It Out

Greetings, discerning readers.

Here’s an object lesson in database management and marketing, wrapped in warm holiday cheer!

A friend who runs a large industry association received a call from a member, irate over the latest email newsletter. Like many businesses, the association personalizes its messages to make them more warm and friendly. So instead of “Dear Valued Member” or similar, it reads, “Dear Roy” or “Dear Shelley.”

But the association’s latest missive also included a personalized solicitation for holiday gift baskets for low-income families.

“Dear [member first name],” the newsletter letter read in part. “Do you think you could get [company name here] to donate a basket this holiday season?”

So why was the member irate?

He assumed that the solicitation, sent to the entire membership, singled out HIS company to be targeted for a donation. In other words, What nerve to ask the entire membership to pressure his company into charitable giving!

While my friend’s experience is flat-out funny, it’s also a good reminder that your audience may not be as sophisticated as you might think. What’s commonplace to those of us in the trenches may not be quite so obvious to the audience.

At MarketingProfs, this happens with the marketing-speak we toss about freely, forgetting that our audience might still be getting up to speed.

When I ran an article here a few weeks ago that didn’t include a definition of RSS, I got a note chastising me for not spelling out “Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication.” My colleague Val Frazee recently received an email from a subscriber wondering what our new “SEO” Benchmark Survey was all about.

Which is all to say: You have to know your audience (or your membership, or your customers, or your clients) to communicate with them effectively.

(Or, in today's America, you can’t speak slowly or simply enough—if you don't want to run the risk of "misunderestimating" your audience.)

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


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  5. Chance Discovery: An Emerging Japanese Marketing Analysis
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December 1st
Reach the Big Spenders: How to Market to Women from 50 to 75
Presenter: Marti Barletta, well-known and highly regarded author of several books on this important topic.

December 8th & 9th
Special Web Content Double Feature
Presenter: Gerry McGovern, one of our most popular speakers and author of three books on the subject.


Jeff Thull
Seven Common Sales Challenges That Prevent Executive Buy-In

Gaining access and connecting to executive decision makers is a challenge of most sales professionals.

Here are seven common challenges that sales professionals need to resolve in order to effectively engage the executive suite.

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Jerry Fireman
Successful PR: It's All About Understanding the Media

Just as understanding the requirements of your market is important in selling a product or service, understanding the needs of the relevant media is critical in a successful public relations effort.

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10 Reasons Why Online Seminars are Key to the Marketing Mix

Learn the "why, when and how" for using online seminars as a powerful tool to establish and build brand, to use finite marketing resources more effectively, to increase customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value. Join us Dec 8th at 10am PT/ 1pm ET.
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Robert J. Kaden
The Case for Marketing Research

Why are companies constantly changing their advertising message? Why do 95% of all new product introductions fail? Why is so much money wasted on poorly conceived marketing programs when research could illuminate the way?

What prevents so many marketing people from using research effectively is one of three things.

Get the full story.

Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: Promoting Technology in Plain English

When it comes to promoting technological devices, it helps to focus on the product's benefits. But, sometimes, promoting a complex menu of benefits isn't easy.

Here's how to approach the issue so that prospects can quickly understand how benefits come into play.

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