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Ideas For Souvenirs For A Bank

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We are organizing a "promo action" to find new clients for a bank. We are going to give some souvenirs or give aways.

Our target-market is russian families that has someone that works abroad and send money back to Russia.

I would like to ask you some ideas of souvenirs for prospects

At first, this is just a brainstorming. I still don't know about price.

Thanks for you attention,

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  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    If the phone card was well received, and effective, there is really no reason to change.

    If it wasn't then maybe you can pay for shipping of one item (up to 5kg) to the person overseas.

  • Posted by Ghost Writer on Accepted
    How about a photograph frame and gift certificate for a free photo portrait? The family could have their picture taken and the work can take the framed photo overseas with them.

    I don't know what the Internet penetration is like for your customer base, but assuming that many will not have internet access, how about offering a free e-mail address at the bank for messages from the overseas worker to his/her family? It gives them a reason to drop by the bank on a regular basis, or for you to contact them when a message comes in.

    Piggy (toy) banks are always popular ... at least, in North America. One in the shape of your bank or its logo would help customers keep you in mind.

    I agree that, if the telephone calling card worked for you last time, it should be considered again. Just make sure your logo and tag line are on the card, along with a message along the lines of "This free calling card is provided as a courtesy to our valued customers". That increases the promotional value when other people (non-customers) see the card.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi there Tatiane,

    Promotional Products are a really effective marketing tool and more specifically for your loyal/big spending clients, more expensive Corporate Gifts are also great.

    Keep in mind the amount of money each client saves with your bank, and how much money you make from them. A cheap gift won't appease a big saver - infact it may even turn them off using your Bank.

    Good luck


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