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Vol. 4 , No. 22     May 31, 2005


In this Newsletter:

  1. The Essential Paid-Search Marketing Glossary
  2. Your Web Site Needs a Call to Action
  3. Get Ready for Retail Theater
  4. Keywords: The Long and the Short of It
  5. Case Study: How to Beat the Spam Filters
  6. Listen Up: Your Customers Are Talking About You Online (Part 2 of 2)
  7. Avoiding Common Real Estate Branding Pitfalls


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Abe Mezrich
The Essential Paid-Search Marketing Glossary

Search engine marketing—advertising what you sell through search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, AOL and Ask Jeeves—is the hot new niche of the marketing world. That's because search engine visitors are all looking for something specific, including the information, products or services that your business might provide.

That's why search engines are among the most direct and powerful marketing media available today, and search engine marketing is one of the best avenues available for creating new client or customer conversions.

If you're new to search marketing and need to learn the lingo, or are already search-savvy and would like to brush up, you'll find the Essential Paid-Search Glossary...well, essential.

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Gerry McGovern
Your Web Site Needs a Call to Action

The best Web sites get to the point. They ruthlessly eliminate waffle and happy talk. They focus on helping people complete key tasks as quickly as possible.

The truth is, the Web is a selfish place. People don't have much time. They scan pages looking for something specific. Most people have absolutely no interest in links such as "What We Do" and "Who We Are." They only care about what you can do for them.

As Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg write in their new book: "Virtually all Web sites have a persuasive purpose: to get someone to subscribe, to register, to inquire or to buy something."

In other words, the crucial measure of success is the actions that have occurred.

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Lisa Johnson
Get Ready for Retail Theater

Two years ago, Maytag created an innovative experiential marketing strategy, whereby prospective customers would take their new, top-of-the-line appliances for an interactive "test-drive."

Successful retail spaces create a full sensory experience. Consumers want to see, feel, touch, taste and interact with your products before they buy. Here are some strategies that will help you stage a little retail theater of your own.

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A Note to Readers

Vendor Selector, at Your Service

I came home last night from a weekend in Maine to an 800-word email from my colleague Val Frazee. (Yes, I counted!)

Val has been spearheading the launch of a new MarketingProfs line of marketing service directories called "Vendor Selectors," the first of which debuts today. And cranky as I was after battling Memorial Day traffic home, the enthusiasm Val expressed in her email was infectious. Next thing I knew... I was scrolling through the product listings and playing around with the various filter options. Very cool stuff, indeed!

The first Vendor Selector to roll off the MProfs assembly line deals with email service providers--36 blue-chip vendors who have been invited to participate in this interactive buyer's guide. See the list of vendors and the details about them here:

The front page of the Vendor Selector is available to all MarketingProfs members. In addition, annual Premium and Premium Plus members can take advantage of three interactive features:

  1. Shopper's Handbook: View a 50-page downloadable PDF report prepared by two subject-matter experts about how to choose an email service provider.

  2. Filters: Select up to 10 filters and view a vendor list tailored to your requirements.

  3. Product Listings: Select any number of vendors and press the "Compare" button. You'll see the vendors' answers to 150 questions; you can download or print to view them in a side-by-side Excel comparison table.

What's really cool about our email guide, Val says, is that it's a dynamic thing--built as a technology tool rather than a static report. You aren't getting a two-inch binder of reading material but a flexible, adaptable tool that we can constantly improve and upgrade to suit the changing needs of our audience.

What's more, the report is all about quality. The email vendors represented are truly the best of the bunch. Vendors participated for free (this is not an advertising vehicle) and dedicated some serious time and attention to answering questions about their email applications.

This report is the first of several we'll roll out in the coming months. (A report on Search Engine Optimization will be the subject of the next Vendor Selector, due out this summer.)

In the meantime, we'd love your feedback (including suggestions for future vendor categories). Please let Val or me know what you think.

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. A Business Case for Blogging: Thought Leaders on Marketing Blogs (Part 2 of 2)
  2. Managing Your Marketing Career: Eliminating the F-Word
  3. Marketing Challenge: Four Low-Cost Ways to Create a Household Name
  4. Paths to Differentiation in Direct Response Marketing
  5. Four Steps to Crafting the Perfect RFP
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Recent Know-How Exchange Questions/Answers

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  2. Word Limits In Marketing Letters
  3. Fake Bank Statement Strategy
  4. How To Increase a Visibilty Of an Promo Campaign
  5. How Do I Conduct Futuring Activities?

McGovern Event


Lisa Wehr
Keywords: The Long and the Short of It

In the search engine optimization and marketing industry, there's been a rule of thumb: Longer keyword phrases have better conversion rates. But that's not the whole truth: conversion rates peak at four-word phrases.

Here are strategies you should consider when developing keywords for your optimization and pay-per-click campaigns.

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Kristie Tamsevicius
Case Study: How to Beat the Spam Filters

Between getting caught in spam filters or being blocked by ISPs and disappearing in the sheer volume of email that's out there, it's tough to guarantee that your newsletter actually gets into the hands of your customer.

Recently, the author worked with a client to improve his newsletter delivery rate by 22%. Read the following case study to see the small changes she made that made such a dramatic difference.

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Wil Reynolds
Listen Up: Your Customers Are Talking About You Online (Part 2 of 2)

Last week, the author hopefully opened your eyes to the importance of staying on top of reviews and posts about your products and services—as well as those about your competition.

Here's how to use that information at various levels of your organization to create a better customer experience.

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Kathleen Allardyce
Avoiding Common Real Estate Branding Pitfalls

The competitive environment makes branding for real estate brokers and agents a critical issue.

However, there are a few common misconceptions about marketing real estate services. Like these.

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