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How To Increase Visibility Of A Promo Campaign

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i have been handling a promotional discount privilege campaign.where we give out discount coupons for our readers. now after 6 months the awareness among the readers is moderate. how can i increase the visibility of the campaign.
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  • Posted by StarsDie on Member
    I take it as you work for some magazine, right?

    If so, do you have an online version of your edition?
    If no, it's a good idea to make one.
    If yes - be sure to make a note about your promotional campaign on your site.
    Also try to use the most popular news sites (better - within the field of business, science or industry your edition is about) and place a small banner linking to the info about the discount campaign.

    Except internet, you can use the promoters to notify the potential readers about this special offer in public places.
    With a smaller budget, you can place the stickers or just some printed ads in public places, like movie theaters, big stores, trade fairs, etc. Be sure to give the detailed contact info.

    If you have old unsold issues of your magazine, you can sell them at some symbolic price, together with the discount coupons to advertize your promotional campaign.

    Good luck!
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    sorry i have replied from my friends id
  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Accepted
    hi manish

    great reponse by Zahid. adding to that...

    your newspaper has different segment of readers and their profiles vary. so you really have to analyze more of your readers. i am sure your readers consists of youngsters, young executives, young girls and lots of other segments. in order to make your promo campaign more visible to you have to reach all the segments. Study their profiles and identify the channels/Redeem Points that can be used.

    even if you have brought reasturants and retail shops under your coupon redeeming list, ARE those the places where by all readers frequent within 30 days validity period???? i mean will those restaurants and retails shops will be visited by a 19yr old girl, a 28 yr old young executive, a 40 yr old businessman, a 30 yrs old housewife etc.?? yes they might vist but not within 30 days but in 90 days. and this affects your visibility and redemption.

    what i mean to say is that you have to increase the coverage of Redeem Points i.e. more types of outlets, restaurants or any other places based on your READER BASE PROFILES. you can think of the following places to add to yur current restaurants and retail shops...

    1. Cyber Cafes (targeting the youngsters)
    2. Beauty Parlours (for WOmen)
    3. Clubs (to target the business community)
    4. Multiplex Cinemas (for young as well as old)
    5. Pubs (may be, not sure)
    6. even for restaurants cover all type of them, continental, chinese, thai, indian, and of all segments
    7. for retail shops, cover Super stores, mens and womens clothing stores etc.

    hope this helps.


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