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What Should I Do?

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I recently graduated in marketing. I wanted to offer consultancy for small businesses but i would like to know the types of services i could offer
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  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Accepted
    "Marketer, heal thyself!" You have to start with your first client: Your own business.

    First you need to do a portfolio analysis and prospective customer segmentation:

    i.e. Write down all the possible projects you could do for any kind of prospective customer. Write brief notes alongside each "product (service)" which details what is involved, why you do it, when it is needed, who needs it, etc.

    Possible projects might be... Portfolio analysis, Market Research, Product Development, Business Development, Marketing Planning, Communication Planning, Media Planning, Creative Concepts for Communication, Creative Execution, Advertising Production, Media Placement, Post-Campaign Analysis, etc.

    The customer segmentation involves writing down the list of prospective customers and grouping them into segments that make sense. To start with, this might be segments for whom a particular type of project seems most realistic. Or, it might be segments based on how you plan to market to them.

    Now you have a range of products and market segments. So you need a communications plan: How will you get your message out there? Of course you are a newly graduated marketer so you know the answers from here...

    Since you are going to need a constant supply of help for the first twelve months or so, I suggest you get a Premium membership to MarketingProfs so you can call on the experts here when you have urgent problems. Premium members can upgrade their questions to Urgent status free, so you will be able get expert help, faster.

    Good luck!
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    If you bring value to a client, it doesn't matter how much experience you have. That said, it's hard to bring a lot of value if you don't have the experience.

    My suggestion is that you visit the website . On the main page there is an interactive decision tree that addresses the question, "Is Management Consulting right for YOU?" Click on that and go through the self-assessment.

    If you decide to go into consulting, get a copy of Rasputin For Hire : An inside look at management consulting between jobs or as a second career. It's mostly for people with some experience, but if you think you have value to deliver to clients now, it's probably important for you to know what your competition knows about consulting.

    You can get the book at or, through most bookstores in the United States, or directly from the publisher on the website ( If you're serious about becoming a consultant, you'll find the information in the book worth many times the cost.

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