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Topic: Strategy

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Fake Bank Statement Strategy

Posted by Anonymous on 350 Points
Dear Collegues,
I need your help.

I'm desperately looking for a "fake bank statement" for a future bank campaign. This is a kind of bank strategy.

Can you help me to find some samples, more information and some experience?

Thanks to all of you in advance!!!!


  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi Maria

    Couldn't this be interpreted as illegal?

    Where do you plan to use this bank statement? and is the bank statement supposed to be from your bank?

    If it is to be used from your own bank, why not make up a name, scan an existing statement and Photoshop in different and made up names and figures? It is easy to do, I guess.

    Maybe you can elaborate a little.

    Zahid Adil
  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    Can you provide much more detail about what you are trying to do? I'm sure many folk on our forum would be glad to help, but some may be concerned that what you are doing may be deceptive or unethical.
  • Posted by telemoxie on Member
    Oops - our posts crossed in cyberspace. Still don't know what you mean - do you mean that you want to send folk direct mail, and get them to open it because it looks like a bank statement?

  • Posted on Member
    I would be VERY careful about engaging in a campaign that gets people to open the envelope under false pretenses. It usually backfires and often in unpredictable ways. I know of some Telephone Directory publishers who send fake "bills" that are really solicitations but it only says that in very small type. People "pay" the bill, in effect ordering advertising they don't want. I have worked for two companies who dropped directory advertising altogether specifically because of those ads.

    I hope this helps!


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