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Vol. 4 , No. 33     August 16, 2005


In this Newsletter:

  1. Internal Customer Service: Why It Matters (and How to Apply It)
  2. Product Differentiation in a B2B Market
  3. How to Identify the Right Copywriter for You
  4. The New Innovators: Mompreneurs
  5. Marketing Operations: Solving Marketing's Seven Deadly Sins
  6. Eight Tips for Enhancing Email Opt-In
  7. Marketing Challenge: Bundling Services


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Premium Content

Elaine Fogel
Internal Customer Service: Why It Matters (and How to Apply It)

Whether your company or organization is large or small, providing good customer service begins with the internal environment. Employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profitability are all interconnected.

Anyone who plays a role in your organization producing or supporting your end product or service is part of the internal process—from the person answering the phone, cleaning your bathrooms, supplying your office products, sorting your mail and fixing your computer, to the president or CEO and board of directors (for corporations and nonprofits). Each one plays a role in the never-ending chain of activity that transpires on a daily basis. When one link in the chain breaks or falters, it can affect the entire chain.

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How To Use Web Seminars To Convert Leads Into Deals

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Jeff Thull
Product Differentiation in a B2B Market

Companies everywhere are struggling to differentiate their offerings. They dream of establishing an unassailable market position for their solutions, a position that will enable them to capture a lion's share of the customer's mind and wallet.

But to their frustration, no matter how enticingly and expertly their portraits of the solutions are painted—to customers, their solutions and their competitor's solutions usually end up looking amazingly alike.

There is a solution. Get the full story.

Jonathan Kranz
How to Identify the Right Copywriter for You

For many organizations, 'tis the season to shop for talent, especially copywriters.

But it's awfully hard to look beyond the exterior to identify the talent who will really work for you. And while there are no fool-proof formulas for finding winners, you can take measures—right at the start of your relationship—that give you a much greater probability of success.

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A Note to Readers

See Our New SEO 'Vendor Selector'

Greetings, discerning readers!

Following the debut in May of the first in a new line of marketing services shopping guides—what we call "Vendor Selectors"—MarketingProfs is today unveiling the second. This one deals with search engine optimization (SEO). (The first focuses on email marketing.)

Looking for any sort of service provider in the marketing space can be intimating and daunting. But what's cool about our Vendor Selectors is that they help you shortcut your shopping experience with detailed information on the strengths and weaknesses of specific companies in specific disciplines. The tools we've developed allow you to easily filter and compare vendors—so you don't waste a lot of time talking to companies that really don't fit your needs.

The second Vendor Selector to roll off the MProfs assembly line contains 55 product/service listings contributed by approximately 50 SEO service providers. As always, the front page of the Vendor Selector is available to all MarketingProfs members.

Our prized Premium members get extra goodies, of course. They can take advantage of three interactive features, including enhanced filters for sorting and comparison product listings. They also get a Shopper's Handbook (penned by the charming and knowledgeable Alan Rimm-Kaufman), who walks you through the selection process.

Just like our last email guide, what's really cool is that the SEO Vendor Selector is a dynamic thing—built as a tool rather than a static report. You aren't getting a two-inch binder of reading material but a flexible, adaptable tool that we can constantly improve and upgrade to suit the changing needs of our audience.

Check it out here. And let me know what you think!

As always, your feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

P.S.: Among those who busted their butts to make this guide happen (thank you Aaron, Achim and Sharon), no one dedicated more hours than our own Carrie Shearer. A very special thanks to Carrie, whose typing fingers were worn to the nub researching this project. Carrie, you rock. Now go take a vacation.


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  2. Saying Buh-Bye to Three Marketing Myths
  3. Recall Ability: Web Content Versus Print Content
  4. Running Big Business Marketing With Small Business Thinking
  5. The Hidden Value in Search Listings
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Lisa Johnson
The New Innovators: Mompreneurs

There is an emerging group of business mavens—mompreneurs.

Mompreneurs are more than just a great tale of free enterprise. They're a market phenomenon that has emerged for several key reasons.

Get the full story.

Gary M. Katz
Marketing Operations: Solving Marketing's Seven Deadly Sins

Companies like Intel, IBM and Adobe are leveraging Marketing Operations to improve performance and ROI as they refine their marketing organizations using an operational focus.

But you don't have to be an Intel or Adobe to benefit from this emerging discipline. Here are the seven deadliest marketing sins that plague companies of all sizes and how Marketing Operations addresses them.

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Improve Online Profits with Better Web Analytics

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Linda Schumacher
Eight Tips for Enhancing Email Opt-In

Organizations serious about improving their email programs, especially their subscriber opt-in rates, should allocate marketing and development resources toward improving their Web site's onsite registration process.

If you're ready to turn your Web site into an email opt-in machine, consider implementing some of the following enhancements.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: Bundling Services

This week: It's rare to find a fast-food restaurant that doesn't offer a combo that's a better deal than each item purchased separately.

Does it make sense for service businesses to offer their customers the same "deal"?

Get the full story.


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Roy Young

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Val Frazee

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