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Bath Products Company Needs Sexy, Fun Tagline!

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HELLA GOOD ( is a bath products company that serves freshly-made bath products (body washes and fruit-filled bath scrubbies) that are whimiscal. Our products smell good enogh to eat, mostly because we carry products that smell like desserts, fruits and candies.

The names of our products, for the most part, are sexy and fun, and we'd like a tagline that represents that.

We greatly appreciate your help!
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  • Posted by ReadCopy on Member
    "making you good enough to eat"
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    I must admit, went through the site thoroughly and thought that the products were really great, but unfortunately the site did not relect quality. As a marketeer only of the most essential key success factors is packaging. Basically how your product looks like that influences the buyer. In your case the site, the site should give a different feel of quality products which I didn't get despite the fact that I personally thought that the products you had were great.

    Now onto the tagline, I believe the longer the tagline the less of an effect it gives, I'd go for something to the point, attractive and definetly short like " sinfully delightful" .. sounds great but I feel it's generic, it would work also on cookies or chocolate and so on... moreover I would strongly recommend that you work around the word "NATURAL" 'cause its definetly a plus for those health conscious individuals. It's not that I have a better option but maybe you could go for something like:

    "Shower with nature"

    Sounds a bit weird but I think it gives you an impression of how I think you should go.. if I come up with something very catchy I'll be sure to post it in.

    Good Luck
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    I really like "sinfully delightful" but wanted something a little less generic. I also like "don't blame us if you never want to put your clothes back on" but that seems a little long.

    shadysamy, are you referring to our photos? *sigh* I know we need to continue to work on that! As for our actual packaging, it has great appeal to the women in our targeted age range. Also, our website has a really good conversion rate. Our site is also going to be completely re-vamped and re-designed in the upcoming weeks.

    Please keep the ideas for a catchy tagline coming! I really appreciate all your help :)

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    Hey Hellagood,

    I really like stobi's "the second best reason to get naked" as well as joanlim's "don't blame us if you never want to put your clothes on again," but agree that the latter is a bit lengthy. In keeping with your edgy product names, I'm suggesting the following:

    Getting you clean so you can get dirty.
    So clean you can't wait to get dirty.
    Have them nibbling more than just your ear.

    Playing off of AndrewS's suggestion:

    Are you good enough to eat?
    Be a tasty temptress.

    Hope this helps spark some ideas!


    Lucky Guppy Marketing
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    Hey, I love love love these two:

    "The Second Best Reason To Get Naked"


    "Have Them Nibbling More Than Just Your Ear"

    Yay! I also like the clean/dirty taglines, but there are too many soap companies using variations of it right now.

    Love you Stobi & Amanda! Will probably use one of these.


    P.S. Thank you Barry for the candy store tip!
  • Posted by browncatfan on Member
    Time for some bad clean fun!

    Don't get out -- we'll send more!

    Smells that look good on you.

    Looks that smell good on you.

    Sniff. Sniff. Mmmmmm.

    A kinky kind of clean.

    Turning bathwater into H2Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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