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Follow-up With Large Clients

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I have a potential client in another city that is a multi-million dollar business I have submitted a proposal to. So far the decision maker has been very open on the telephone and by e-mail. My family is in a tight financial position, as recent sales have been falling through. How do I carefully ask if the desion maker is satisfied with the proposal and is ready to do business, even this week?

Please answer ASAP.
Thanks for your help. :-)
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  • Posted by wnelson on Accepted

    A follow up call to make sure he received it is not something that is out of line. And while you are asking, ask him what addition he needs to feel comfortable with contacting you for the work. Ask him what the decision process is and the next steps. You have put a lot of time into the proposal and it's only fair to know the decision process and what else he needs in order to go with you.

    I wouldn't go into your personal financial situation - this would probably not leave him with a good feeling. Stick to the process to get to closure and also reinforce the benefits he will realize from your services.

    Hope this helps.

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    I think you can send a follow-up letter and reiterate the benefits of using your services. Also ask if there is anything else they need clarification you will be happy to clarify. You can also state your availability to begin the project ASAP.

    Additionally, leave your personal financial situation out of this project. Be professional and do not tell your clients about your financial situation. It will be taken care of with time. Remember nothing happens overnigth. The wait will not be long. Cheer up!
  • Posted by ReadCopy on Accepted
    I agree, get in there and close the deal now. Get on the phone and call them.

    I have seen many sales not closed properly and the opportunity has gone. Don't dither, hold your nerve and get the answer yoo both need. You for the business and them to help them save money, be more productive etc

    Deal with any possible issues they may have with the proposal immediately, and seize upon the opportunity (I am sure you will get) to close the deal.

    Keep your goal in clear focus ... don't leave the call not knowing what you should do next ... if you have a contract that needs signing then finish with letting your contact know that you will get it over to them immediately.

    Good Luck
  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    I totally agree with KSA that additional prospects in your pipeline will increase your enthusiasm and confidence, and will lessen the potential client's perception that you are desperate for their business.

    You mention calling them on the phone... are they close enough for a visit?

    Also - why have recent sales been falling through? Have you contacted these prior opportunities to conduct a "post mortem"? This may provide info helpful in better positioning your proposal to this large potential customer.

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