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Vol. 4 , No. 32     August 9, 2005


In this Newsletter:

  1. Closing the Credibility Gap
  2. Curated Relevance: Sometimes, Less Is More
  3. Recall Ability: Web Content Versus Print Content
  4. Running Big Business Marketing With Small Business Thinking
  5. Saying Buh-Bye to Three Marketing Myths
  6. Setting up a Secure E-Commerce Site
  7. The Hidden Value in Search Listings


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Stephen Shaw
Closing the Credibility Gap

The ethereal benefits of brand building are no longer enough to win over tough-minded CFOs—not when the link to top-line revenue growth is still more theory than fact.

And so marketers are anxious to find tangible evidence of their contribution to business performance. The search is on for more meaningful metrics: numbers everyone can relate to—and believe in.

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Andrea Learned
Curated Relevance: Sometimes, Less Is More

Are all the consumer options available today actually serving customers better, or does the exhaustive selection overwhelm (and ultimately discourage) potential buyers? What if all the great new products and models lining the shelves were actually inspiring would-be buyers to decide...well, not to decide?

That's where doing your homework of editing choices, or "curating," for the customer comes in.

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Gerry McGovern
Recall Ability: Web Content Versus Print Content

The Web is not a great place to win hearts and minds. It is not a great place to convince people to do something they did not come to the Web already intending to do. Traditional marketing techniques, such as brand name repetition and the use of images to communicate brand attributes, don't work as well online.

What works well on the Web is a useful Web site that wastes no time and gets straight to the point for your customers.

Do you know what your customers want when they come to your Web site?

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If our relationship with you, our readers, were the intimate type, we'd be what therapists call the Happy Pleaser, always trying to satisfy your needs.

No wonder, then, that last week we introduced a new way for you to access our excellent Premium content. For a mere $2.95, you can purchase a single MarketingProfs Premium article. Of course, you can also continue to buy a monthly pass for $4.95, or an annual subscription for $49.95.

Allen Weiss, our fearless publisher, says MarketingProfs developed the plan to appeal to all of you who are scared of making a true commitment.

Nah—just kidding. What the plan really does is allow you to try before you buy: It's a low-risk way to take in some valuable content. Of course, we'll hope you'll upgrade once you realize the cumulative value of our article archives, virtual seminars, vendor selector guides, and more...

Thanks for stopping by. As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged!

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


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  2. Effective Marketing Copy: It's Not Just About Benefits
  3. A New Vision From the Inventor of the World Wide Web: An Interview With Tim Berners-Lee
  4. Four Steps to Winning the Budget Battle With Your CFO
  5. Why Not Guarantee Professional Services?
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Anthony Cirillo
Running Big Business Marketing With Small Business Thinking

Entrepreneurs see the world in a different way. Different perspectives foster innovation.

All around a given community, there are hundreds of success stories of mom-and-pop operations that have grown successful enterprises in all types of product and service areas. Seek out and engage these entrepreneurs—they have something to teach us.

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David Warschawski
Saying Buh-Bye to Three Marketing Myths

You know the truth will set you free. Hopefully, the truth will also help you create great marketing results.

Here are three communications myths whose time has come to an end.

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Paras Shah
Setting up a Secure E-Commerce Site

In the e-commerce business, securing trust in your company is essential to your success.

And an essential element of building that trust, with both customers and partners, is the assurance that your e-commerce operation meets the demanding security standards required of organizations handling sensitive financial information.

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Paul J. Bruemmer
The Hidden Value in Search Listings

With paid search, you pay only for click-throughs to your site. Such accountability is a marketer's delight, but that's only half the story.

What about all the people who found the site, saw the pitch but didn't buy?

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