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Spa Friday--new Spa Business Needs Tagline

Posted by Anonymous on 100 Points
Hello, first timer here...needing a tagline for my new business: "SPA FRIDAY" My thoughts have been, "Relax..and leave the spa planning to us" , "your professional and experienced spa planners", or "Let us coordinate your spa get-a-way"

My objective is to let them know that I can make the plans for it is a service/consulatnat/event "spa" planner

Thank you for any advice! ~Julie
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  • Posted by ReadCopy on Accepted
    I guess we could come up with taglines for you, but I actually like your first option "Relax, and leave the spa planning to us".

    It works because:

    1. "Relax" is an emotive word, and emotion in names/tagline sworks well

    2. You go on to explain exactly what you do, which is what a name/tagline should try to do.

    The only analysis missing is what your competitors use as name/tagline are they attacking the market from another/unique angle?
  • Posted by chough on Member
    I think your thinking is spot on… I agree with Andrew S, not much work needed here! I'll have a think though and see if I can put a spin on it!

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