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What Is The Best Name For My New Liquor Brand?

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I need a name for my liquor brand. It's going to be marketed to young people and how am i suppossed to design the packaging?thx
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    What is the spirit category -- wine, beer, hard liquor, mixer?

    Who is the competition?

    What are the features -- some new spirits are colored, fizzy, etc.

    Young people -- women, men, age, demographic, income?

    Is this alcoholic (you say young people -- how young)?

    You really need to provide more info (and more points to raise greater interest and feedback :-) )

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    What is it made from ?
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    the spirit category more to beer but flavoured beer like strawberry,grapes and so on.the target is for young people 18+ to 30 years old. Yes,it's fizzy and colourfull. I had discussed this to a few people and we agree to named it unleashed. What do u think? Is it a good name for a drink? and how the packaging should looks like?
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    Beer Berry

    Flogger (fruit + lager)

    Just some ideas based on your info to date and assuming your USP is the fact that this stuff has fruit flavour.

    The name and packaging should reflect your brand attributes. If you are going for a "fun" based brand, you might want to use Beer Berry and have cartoon-type illustrations. If you are going for the "young and eclectic" imagery (as you might, based on the idea of "unleashed"), I'd use "Flogger" and bold packaging such as an unusual shape to the label, perhaps a triangle instead of the traditional square or circle.

  • Posted by chough on Member
    You've got to be careful if you use cartoon type imagery on an alcohilic beverage pack! Laws around the world vary, but as a general point alcholol packaging should not look like it's targeted at under 18's. The "alcopop" industry in the UK has come under a great deal of fire for just this in the past! Try googling "alcopop", "hooch" & "two dogs" for some ideas.
    With regards to your packaging, you really need to brief a professional design agency, and brief them well! They will come up with some initial concepts which you can work up with them into finished designs. If you've got some budget for this please get in touch and we'll discuss it further!

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