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Vol. 4 , No. 39     September 27, 2005


In this Newsletter:

  1. The Importance of Testing (and Re-Testing)
  2. Managing Marketing Burnout
  3. 10 Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rates
  4. Niche Positioning: Three Reasons Why Smaller Can Be Better
  5. What to Expect From Ongoing Search Engine Optimization
  6. Why Web Managers Are Leaders
  7. Marketing Challenge: How to Give Thanks to Clients


Marketers, It’s Time to Measure Up!

There’s a seismic shift in marketing: increasing pressure to justify budgets and show top-line growth, under tighter regulations and rising customer expectations. Learn how important it is to build a culture of marketing performance in a new whitepaper by Unica and Peppers & Rogers Group.

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Matt Blumberg
The Importance of Testing (and Re-Testing)

Marketers often hear the refrain to "test, test, and re-test" an email campaign. Because it is uniquely interactive and fast, email is arguably the most powerful medium available for fast, thorough testing. In fact, the immediacy and interactivity of email can provide almost instantaneous feedback from recipients.

But which aspects are particularly important to test? And what's the best approach to take? Most fundamentally, HOW do you test?

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Exact Target

Best Day WP and iPod Referral
Monday is so last week. Precision email software company ExactTarget is sharing expertise in the new whitepaper, "BEST DAY TO SEND EMAIL." It includes insight on trends and tips on maximizing clickthroughs and opens. If that isn't enough, ExactTarget offers a REFERRAL PROGRAM with a monthly iPod drawing.

Leigh Duncan
Managing Marketing Burnout

In addition to the skills required 10 years ago, today's marketer must possess more sophisticated marketing skills and a slew of other core competencies.

Along with a keen understanding of the creative development process, marketers today must demonstrate capability with business case development and project management. Quantitative analysis skills and the ability to evaluate and interpret customer data and behavior are now essential skills. Marketing departments are also seeking individuals who are familiar with database marketing, integrated marketing and various aspects of CRM.

It's a superhuman expectation that any individual master skills in all areas. But here's the key to protect organizations from the backlash of overwork and exhaustion.

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Jay Bower
10 Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rates

OK, you got your prospect to raise his hand and seek out further information about your product or service. Now comes the really hard part: turning him into a buying customer.

Here are 10 ways to address the challenge and improve your conversion rates of browser to buyer.

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A Note to Readers

Customers As Investments

MarketingProfs is running a very interesting seminar this week that focuses on customers—specifically on acquiring, nurturing and keeping them.

Customers are the lifeblood of any organization, and especially the Marketing Department, which is charged with much of their care and feeding. Without customers, after all, you have no revenues, no profits and no market value. (And, ultimately, no job!)

Heading up Thursday's seminar, titled "Managing Customers as Long-Term Investments," is the knowledgeable Professor Sunil Gupta of Columbia Business School.

Gupta literally wrote the book on customer experience; he is a coauthor of Managing Customers as Investments (Wharton School Publishing, February 2005). In his view, it is not enough that we satisfy customers—we need to delight them by offering up a unique experience. At the same time, he says, any investment in customers must show tangible returns to avoid cuts in marketing budgets.

Space is limited, so please register early for the seminar. For more information or to sign up, visit here.

Thanks for stopping by! As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

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  2. Before You Write: Your 10-Point Checklist
  3. How Marketing Should Communicate (So Sales Will Listen)
  4. How to Leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing (Even If You Don't Sell iPods)
  5. The End of Solution-Based Selling
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September 29
Managing Customers as Long Term Investments
Presented by
Sunil Gupta,
professor at Columbia Business School

October 6
Web Site Redesign from the User Experience
Presented by Kelly Goto, best-selling author of
Web Redesign:
Workflow That Works


Geoff Dillon
Niche Positioning: Three Reasons Why Smaller Can Be Better

Even a small market share can be remarkably difficult to obtain with a new offering in a highly competitive market. A "shoot for the middle" strategy ignores that there are already plenty of competitors fighting over existing positions within the core of the market.

But by owning an identifiable market position or niche that may appear to be on the fringes of the market, you may greatly improve your chances for survival and success.

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Scott Buresh
What to Expect From Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

Expert search engine optimization is an ongoing process.

It is a process of honing and refining, while simultaneously expanding. It is a process of protecting and bolstering while also minimizing the risk of setback.

Recurring costs for search engine optimization should go primarily toward increasing the value of the campaign over time—not maintaining the status quo, or, worse yet, simply reporting on the state of the union.

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Web Seminar: Emerging Trends in Online Events

Join the American Marketing Association and WebEx as they share the recent trends in online events, and how they can be used in your marketing organization to drive more market awareness, customer education, and sales leads. You'll also learn the how to's for incorporating these trends into your marketing programs.
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Gerry McGovern
Why Web Managers Are Leaders

The Web requires leadership if it is to achieve its full potential. Such leadership will rarely be given by senior management.

Guess what: that means it's up to you.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: How to Give Thanks to Clients

It's the time of year when many businesses start thinking about sending their clients appropriate gifts to thank them for their business.

There's no strict rule of thumb with gift giving, but here are some valuable ideas.

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