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To Market & Increase Sale Of My Software Packages

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I am Chowdhury, running a software develoment and support firm recruiting 15 people for last 1 year in india. I have some business packages which are the solutions to Automobile Industry, College & Educational institutes, Chemist Shops, Plastic and Moulders' factories, Plywood companies and so on. These are ale built and i had to spend a lot of money for this, now at the point of marketing, i am little bit confused about whom to communicate for sale, how to tackle them on different situations. Should i contact directly those companies or i should entertain mid-agents more, should i influence any individual of that company personally, or i should directly arrange official meeting and handle them honestly. To what extent should i go for media advertising and which can be the best media? Can it be good if i launch a Tender Notice nationally for bidding; inviting many Business-Software marketing firms promising them Regional Marketing Right for 2-5 yrs.
Or, if anybody with knowledge or with capacity to help me out will be appreciated.
Looking for your response........
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    I hope it's clear to you now that you've started at the wrong end. You developed a solution before you created the marketing plan. Now the problem is reverse engineering your product to find the market and the best distribution channel(s).

    Normally we identify an unmet market need, create strategic marketing and business plans, THEN develop the product/solution and the detailed marketing implementation plan.

    My recommendation at this point would be to hire a qualified consultant to understand your product and your objectives thoroughly, and determine (a) which markets should be highest priority (both vertical and geographic), (b) which sales/distribution approach(es) would make most sense for you, and (c) what the other elements of your marketing plan should be, what they'll cost, and how long it will take to put them in place and ready the company/product for broadscale introduction.

    If you don't start with a plan, the chances of ending up with what you want are slim. And simply trying to sell what you have isn't a marketing plan.

    Figure out what you've spent so far developing the product. That's roughly the amount of money you'll need to spend to develop the marketing plan and launch the product effectively. Of course, if you developed it in India, where wages are somewhat lower than in the US or Europe, and if you want to launch the product in North America and/or Europe, then the marketing budget will probably need to be considerably larger.

    If you want to find a consultant who can help you with this, let me suggest posting a project on the "Hire an Expert" board. Just click on "Post a Project" in the column at the right. There are several highly qualified consultants from all over the world who frequent this forum, and if you are prepared to pay a fair consulting fee, you'll get several proposals to address your problem/questions.

    It's too bad (for you and for us) that you didn't post the question BEFORE you spent the time and money to develop the product.
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