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Session 1

Personalization Perfected: Conversational AI's Impact on Demand Generation, presented by Drift a Salesloft company

with Caitlin Seele

Buyer behaviors have shifted, and B2C companies are meeting their demands for a better experience. B2B companies are lagging behind—but we don't have to be. What can B2B companies learn from the way B2C companies engage today's buyers?

Session 2

Demand Generation and AI: Conversion Trifecta or Dante's 9 Levels of Hell?

with Kenda Macdonald

Pumping out personalized marketing material with AI is tempting. But before you begin, ask yourself: does this work against my own best interests? In this clip, Kenda highlights nine “sins” marketers commit in our desire for demand gen automation salvation.

Session 3

Accelerating AI's Impact Across the Entire Buyer & Customer Journey

with Matt Heinz

AI can generate images and copy for your brand. But replacing your creativity is not the smartest use of this new technology, says Matt. In this clip, he shares a list of marketing pain points and encourages you to ask, which of these is a gap that AI can fill?

Session 4

Using AI + B2B Personas to Engage Buyers, Drive Growth, and Do More With Less

with Ardath Albee

Targeting a buyer persona increases your relevance to your audience. And AI can create your buyer personas, saving you hours of work. But what if it's wrong? In this clip, Ardath reveals how to create an MVP—Minimum Viable Persona—to cross-check AI's output.

Session 5

AI at the Top of the Funnel: 10 Methods for Email List Growth and Content Promotion

with Andy Crestodina

Ever see your email and website metrics merged... into a heat map showing the relationship between your content topics and performance... across your entire funnel? In this clip, Andy demos how AI can unearth surprising insights into your funnel's efficiency.

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Session 6

The Marketer's Guide to AI-Powered Content Strategies: From Insight to Action

with Jason Hunt

Coming soon!

Check back after May 29th

Session 7

Optimize Lead Generation With AI

with Pam Didner

Coming soon!

Check back after June 5th

Session 8

Ethical AI in Marketing: Marketers' Guide to Privacy, Policy, and Regulatory Compliance

with Ruth Carter

Coming soon!

Check back after June 12th

Session 9

How Predictive Analytics and Generative AI Help You Forecast and Plan Your Future Marketing Success

with Christopher S. Penn

Coming soon!

Check back after June 19th

Session 10

Building Out Your Small Business Demand Gen Strategy with AI, presented by Salesforce

Ruth Bolster

Coming soon!

Check back after June 26th