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Session 1

Personalization Perfected: Conversational AI's Impact on Demand Generation, presented by Drift a Salesloft company

with Caitlin Seele

Redefine customer engagement and drive demand with Conversational AI! Caitlin explores how Conversational AI turns generic website interactions into meaningful customer experiences. Simplify your demand gen with Conversational AI's ability to personalize content with predictive analytics.

Session 2

Demand Generation and AI: Conversion Trifecta or Dante's 9 Levels of Hell?

with Kenda Macdonald

AI personalization can improve your demand gen results—but you have to be careful where you focus your efforts. Kenda takes a deep dive into what you should be personalizing in your demand gen, what you can safely ignore, and how to use AI for more effective personalization.

Session 3

Accelerating AI's Impact Across the Entire Buyer & Customer Journey

with Matt Heinz

You're aware of AI's potential to revolutionize your demand gen programs. But how do you actually apply AI to achieve impact at scale? Matt shares real-world use cases and best practices to integrate AI across your marketing organization to enhance your customer's journey.

Session 4

Using AI + B2B Personas to Engage Buyers, Drive Growth, and Do More With Less

with Ardath Albee

Customers increasingly favor self-education before contacting sales—giving you a remarkable opportunity to connect with your audience and contribute to revenue. Ardath Albee shows you how to create customer personas with AI and target your customers with personalized marketing strategies.

Session 5

AI at the Top of the Funnel: 10 Methods for Email List Growth and Content Promotion

with Andy Crestodina

Brand awareness brings in your prospects. But if you want AI's help at the top of your funnel, you'll need more than a simple AI prompt. Andy Crestodina reveals the detailed AI prompts and frameworks you can use to widen your funnel, improve your message-to-market match, and increase conversions.