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+ How-To: A Three-Step Approach for Measuring Content Relevancy
+ Podcast: The Tension Between Marketing and Sales Exposed!
+ PRO How-To Guide: DIY Marketing Essentials for Small Business
+ Survey Says: E-Commerce: Which States Convert Most; Shopping via Mobile
+ My View: A Marketer's Thanksgiving
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How-To A Three-Step Approach for Linking Content and Behavior: Measuring Relevancy
By Laura Patterson
Almost everyone would agree that content must be relevant. But what is the best way to measure relevancy? Many of the available ways are complex, but here's a simpler, three-step process any marketer can use. Read More
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Podcast The Tension Between Marketing and Sales Exposed! Silverpop's Ellen Valentine
By Matthew Grant
Ellen Valentine, product evangelist at Silverpop, has an interesting perspective on the perennial tension between Marketing and Sales: Technology is to blame! But it's likely the solution, too... Read More
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PRO Marketing How-To Guide: DIY Marketing Essentials for Small Business
DIY Marketing Essentials for Small Business covers the critical elements of small business success. You'll learn how to better organize your product or service offerings, set up your business's online presence, get the word out about your business, navigate the social networks, and more! Read More
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Survey Says
E-Commerce: Which States Convert Most, Mobile Shopping Trends
Geography can play a big role in influencing e-commerce performance measurements such as conversion rate and average order value, according to a report by Monetate, which analyzed a random sample of more than 100 million online shopping experiences for the third quarter of 2012. Read More
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My View A Marketer's Thanksgiving
By Ann Handley
A Thanksgiving note from MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer Ann Handley—and an infodoodle by Daily Fix blog editor Veronica Jarski, who reimagines the First Thanksgiving as a social marketer’s feast. Read More
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