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+ How-To: Seven Rebranding Lessons Learned: A Road Map
+ Slide Show: The Android Ascendancy
+ PRO Take 10: Dan Pink on How All You Learned About Motivation Is Wrong
+ Survey Says: Americans Hazy on the Meaning of 'Cloud Computing'
+ My View: A Marketer's Christmas Carol [Infodoodle]
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How-To Seven Rebranding Lessons Learned: A Road Map From a Newly Merged Company
By Mark Durrett, Alicia Smith
Working through a six-month rebranding effort, we learned seven key lessons we deemed worthwhile to share in the hope they can help others who might face similar challenges. Read More
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Slideshow The Android Ascendancy [Slide Show]
By Christian Gulliksen
You can't ignore Android's astonishing gains in the mobile market, even if your customers are still using iPhones and iPads in greater numbers. Read More
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PRO Take 10 Author Series: Dan Pink on How Everything You Learned About Motivation Is Wrong
In just 10 minutes, Dan Pink debunks the many myths surrounding motivation and offers tips and tricks for cultivating a true culture of motivation in the workplace. You'll learn how, as a member of a team, to create a more motivating environment—and much more. Read More
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Survey Says
Americans Hazy on the Meaning of 'Cloud Computing'
By Lenna Garibian
Some 54% of online adults in the US say they never use the cloud, but 95% of those people actually do: 65% use online banking, 63% shop online, 58% use social networking sites, 45% play online games, and 29% store photos online—all cloud-based activities—according to survey findings from Citrix. Read More
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My View A Marketer's Christmas Carol [Infodoodle]
By Verónica Maria Jarski
What if Ebenezer Scrooge had been a marketer? Inspired by the holiday season and Dickens's famous story, I illustrated a glimpse into a marketing Scrooge's past, present, and future. Read More
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