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+ How-To: Four Steps to Ensuring Your Strategy Achieves Results
+ Mobile Minute Video: Should Marketers Care About Google Glass?
+ PRO: Guy Kawasaki on How to Enchant and Engage Your Customers
+ Survey Says: 50% of Moms Would Engage With Brands Socially If Rewarded
+ My View: Crucial Takeaways From iStrategy Miami
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How-To Four Steps to Ensuring Your Strategy Achieves Results
By Laura Patterson
A good strategy that is well executed can influence your market, competitive position, or business model. To help you improve the odds of execution success, we're sharing the four steps outlined by experts at Wharton. Read More
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Video Mobile Minute [Video]: Should Marketers Care About Google Glass?
By Diego Larrea-Puemape
This week, we're examining Google Glass (a wearable computer with head-mounted display). Will it ever be a mainstream product? Let's take a look at its expense and relative value, and how brands might use it as a marketing tool. Read More
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PRO Guy Kawasaki on How to Enchant and Engage Your Customers
In this 10-minute webcast, Guy talks about the importance of fast, flat, and frequent communication and how to add value to your relationships via social media. He even gets into the "architecture" of a winning smile! Read More
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Tag management enables marketers to deploy and manage their online solutions without IT assistance. Add, edit or remove any digital marketing vendor tag with point and click simplicity. Tag management improves online marketing results. Download Now!
Survey Says
50% of Moms Would Engage With Brands on Facebook If Rewarded
By Ayaz Nanji
Some 81% of moms would buy more from a brand if rewarded, and over 50% are willing to engage with a brand on Facebook and other social media platforms if provided incentive, according to a recent report. Read More
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My View iStrategy Miami: Crucial Takeaways From the Digital Marketing Event
By Kerry O'Shea Gorgone
I recently attended the iStrategy Miami conference featuring an all-star marketing line-up. If you couldn't make it, no worries. I'm sharing the key takeaways from the digital marketing conference with you. Read More
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May 16
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May 21
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PRO Seminar—Seven B2B Marketing Confessions That Will Improve Your Marketing Efforts Now
May 28
Special Engagement—How to Publish a Book for Powerful Marketing featuring Guy Kawasaki
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