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+ How-To: Google Rewrites the Rules of Email Marketing. What Can You Do?
+ Quick Take: Email Marketers, Thank Google for Gmail's New Interface
+ PRO: A Quick Guide to YouTube & Creating Your Own Channel
+ Podcast: The Ravens' Andres on Social, Mobile, Future of Sports Marketing
+ Survey Says: Email Open and Click Behavior by Gender and Income
+ My View: Just Because Day: Try Something New, Stretch Your Marketing Muscles
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How-To Google Is Rewriting the Rules of Email Marketing in Its War With Facebook. What Can Marketers Do?
By Dela Quist
In the last two months, Google has trampled on the rulebook with the introduction of its Promotions tab in Gmail and the addition of email-style advertising. Here's what you need to do to prepare. Read More
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Podcast Social, Mobile, and the Future of Sports Marketing: The Baltimore Ravens' Andres
By Kerry O'Shea Gorgone
Michelle Andres, vice-president of digital media for the Ravens, explains how the team rose to social media prominence in the NFL and turned its website from a lonely afterthought into the online destination for fans. Read More
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PRO A Quick Guide to YouTube and Creating Your Own Channel
These step-by-step instructions were designed with the beginner in mind. This how-to guide is written to make you ready to make video an integral part our your online content marketing strategy in no time. Read More
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Survey Says
Email Open and Click Behavior by Gender and Income
By Ayaz Nanji
Men are likely to open emails throughout the day, whereas women are more likely to have limited windows of time to check their inboxes, according to a recent report by SimpleRelevance. Read More
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Quick Take
Email Marketers, Start Thanking Google for the New Gmail Interface
By Kevin Senne
Email marketers have been criticizing Gmail for its new interface, saying that it's delivering a "spammy" experience and pointing to declining Gmail open rates. But here's why the new interface is great for marketers. Read More
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My View Just Because Day: Do Something for the Fun of It (and Stretch Your Marketing Muscles)
By Verónica Maria Jarski
August 27 is Just Because Day, so you have a week to think about doing something differently in your marketing... just because. No need for drastic change; just do one thing differently. You may find unexpected opportunities. Read More
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