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Start Smart: A 10-Step Social Media Guide for B2B Marketers
By Christina "CK" Kerley. For a B2B executive tasked with making sense of wikis, WOM, blogs, and buzz... wouldn't it be nice if the future came with a road map? Get the full story >
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Take the Guesswork Out of Twitter Campaigns
Learn how companies—from global powerhouses to shoestring-budget start-ups—use Twitter to meet and exceed their marketing goals, build relationships, promote events and offers, and boost traffic. Read more >
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Yes, Facebook Is a Business Tool
By Paul Chaney. Much the same way a power company connects homes and businesses with electricity, Facebook is a "social utility" designed to facilitate connections. Get the full story >

Mobile Coupons: Your Message on the Move
By Bob Bentz. Consumers worry that allowing mobile advertising means they'll start receiving unwanted Viagra ads and messages from a prince in Kenya. Nothing could be further from the truth. Get the full story >

Write From Your Reader's Perspective
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The Surprising Evolution of Online Marketing in Software Sales
By Jayson Gehri. The idea of online marketing may not be new, but how software is marketed online continues to evolve. Get the full story >

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November 19

A Note to Readers
from Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

Integrating Social Marketing into Your B2B World

"There's no escaping it, marketers: Amid a flurry of headlines, bestsellers, and reports documenting social media's meteoric rise to the mainstream... the future has arrived," writes Christina Kerley (CK) in this week’s Premium article.

"But for a B2B executive tasked with making sense of wikis, WOM, blogs, and buzz, wouldn't it be nice if the future came with a road map?" she adds.


With that, I think CK captures the predicament of many B2B marketers today. (Or at least, the ones I've spoken to recently.) Yes, our world is increasingly "social," but it's hard to know where to begin the conversation exactly.

CK does an excellent job of offering that road map, metaphorically marking the place to begin with a giant X ("Goals") and signaling nine other important pit stops along the way at Research, Tools, Metrics, Training, and so on.

As it happens, CK's piece dovetails nicely into our brand-new Social Media Program Guide, which is free to Premium members. So read what CK has to say on the subject of launching a social strategy, and then download our Guide for more detailed information on how to implement a strong social media policy and program as part of your day-to-day business activities.

What's the Guide cover? Stuff like:

* best practices to garner buy-in, determine strategy;
* how to develop a corporate policy;
* how to educate your staff;
* ways to monitor your progress and results; and,
* how to prepare for any bumps along the way.

PS: If you aren't a Premium member, you can purchase the Social Media Program Guide this week only for $69 (30% off the regular price of $99). But if you want my opinion here, it's a far better deal to become a Premium Plus member today and get the Social Media Guide plus the rest of the MarketingProfs smart marketing arsenal for just $175/year. (Use coupon code SOCIAL30—expires 11/22/2009.)

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