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This Week's Marketing How-To

Twenty Questions to Ask When Crafting a Search Marketing RFP

By Alan Rimm-Kaufman. When it comes to finding a vendor to handle your search engine marketing, one size doesn't fit all. Get the full story >

What Works in Marketing!

How a Small Internet Publisher Doubled Its Email Database & Reduced Marketing Spend With Cost-per-Lead

Company: Tripmela, Inc.
Location: New York, NY
Industry: Travel, Internet Publishing, B2C
Get the full story >
This Week's Top Articles

Online Research Traps That Can Derail Your Marketing Strategy
By Kevin Horne. The bottomless pit of online content poses some distinct challenges to marketers looking for precise, credible facts. Get the full story >

How to Choose and Work With the Best Freelance Copywriters
By Richard Pelletier. How do you choose a good freelance copywriter, and how do you manage a project successfully? Get the full story >

Minimize List Churn by Reducing Unsubscribes
By Loren McDonald. Learn why people leave, and offer them other ways to remain in the relationship with you. Get the full story >

What to Test in Multivariate Testing: Identifying Site Factors (Part 3)
By Eric J. Hansen. By now, your marketing goals are clearly defined and you're ready to run a multivariate test. Which elements, or factors, should you test? Get the full story >

MarketingProfs Online Seminars

Prove It: Tools and Techniques to Measure the Effectiveness of Social Media Campaigns
July 24

A Note to Readers
from Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

Join the MarketingProfs Group on LinkedIn

After listening and reading for a few months now about the various ways to leverage LinkedIn as a marketing and professional resource, I went ahead and created a MarketingProfs group there. And now, I'm inviting all of you to join it.


Those of you who have a LinkedIn profile (and I'm guessing that's a good many of you) need to simply click on this link below:

Join the MarketingProfs LinkedIn Group

If you don't already have a LinkedIn profile, you'll need to create one first. Then, click on the link above.

Joining will allow you to find and contact other MarketingProfs members on LinkedIn. The goal of this group is to help members:

Reach other members of MarketingProfs.
Accelerate careers and grow your business through referrals from MarketingProfs Group members.
Know more than a name. You can view professional profiles from fellow MarketingProfs Group members.
Offer MarketingProfs feedback on the products and services you enjoy, or suggest others you'd like to see.

Some of you might wonder why you should join yet another networking group, when there are a ton of online networks already available, including the MarketingProfs Facebook group, Twitter, and the like? Well, my take is that it's all about preference, choice, and what tools you're comfortable with. In other words, there's no silver bullet.

Just as some of us are Mac users and some swear by the PC (or, if you are like me, you swing both ways), there are those who gravitate toward one or another online networking tool. Regardless of your tools of choice, the reality is that none of us have any excuse for sitting on the sidelines.

So pick your poison, belly up, and start with "hello."

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October 22-23, 2008

Proven Ways to Create Engaging Customer Experiences
August 21 with Denise Shiffman

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August 28 with Avinash Kaushik

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