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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

🦸 You Don't Need a Cape
Matt Snodgrass
Director of Community

Hi Friends,

At some point as a kid, you might have envisioned yourself as a superhero. And though by now you've realized flying or X-ray vision aren't feasible, you also realize you can help your marketer friends and make the marketing world a better place.

We've just launched the MarketingProfs Referral Program, which makes it easy—and rewarding—to share this newsletter with like-minded marketers.

When a friend turns me on to a new podcast, newsletter, or interesting piece of content, it means something. I know a friend wouldn't lead me astray, so I'm more inclined to take a look. In fact, that's how I discover most new content sources nowadays.

And, let's be honest, when you provide some helpful resources to someone, it makes you look like a hero.

So check out the program and share some helpful marketing insights with your peers.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some just help their friends and colleagues become better marketers.



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In Today's Issue:

1/ Customer Experience Management Isn't Enough: Three Steps to Experience Improvement

2/ World's Top 10 'Brand Guardian,' Most Famous, and Most Reputable CEOs

3/ Metrics and Measurement Friday Forum: 3 Sessions by Experts MarketingProfs event

4/ Why Companies Shouldn't 'Breadcrumb' Job Candidates

5/ Create Lasting Connections at B2B Forum MarketingProfs event

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Customer Experience Management Isn't Enough: Three Steps to Experience Improvement
MarketingProfs article
Customer Experience Management Isn't Enough: Three Steps to Experience Improvement
Traditional experience management programs focus mostly on measuring customer experiences. But measuring experiences is very different from improving them. Here's how to take the leap to experience improvement. »
World's Top 10  'Brand Guardian,' Most Famous, and Most Reputable CEOs
World's Top 10 'Brand Guardian,' Most Famous, and Most Reputable CEOs
Ajay Banga of Mastercard is viewed by journalists and market analysts as the top "brand guardian" CEO of a major company, according to the Brand Guardianship Index. Check out findings from this study. »
MarketingProfs free event
Metrics and Measurement Friday Forum: 3 Sessions by Experts
Accurately measuring your marketing, media, and lead-gen efforts, and properly attributing success, is vital for marketers—especially now, when budgets are tight. Join three top experts to learn how you can get a handle on analytics and attribution. »
Why Companies Shouldn't 'Breadcrumb' Job Candidates
Why Companies Shouldn't 'Breadcrumb' Job Candidates
The practice of "breadcrumbing"—not responding to job candidates in a timely fashion—can have a range of negative effects on employers, according to recent research. Check out the infographic. »
Create Lasting Connections at B2B Forum
MarketingProfs B2B Forum
Sometimes what you really need is advice. Someone to bounce ideas off of—and to cheer you on. Make those types of connections this April at our B2B Forum online happy hour, roundtables, and session chats.
Check out the program.
Afoot in the Neighborhood
MarketingProfs community goings-on
Are you a PRO subscriber? If so, have you joined your MarketingProfs PRO group on Facebook? Pop in so you gain access to the PRO Show with Ann Handley and Kerry O'Shea Gorgone. These fun livestreams include check-ins from MarketingProfs team members and drop-ins from special guests. March shows will include discussions about branding, so bring your questions and ideas to share! check it out.
We've just developed a Master Class to help you understand your customers better than you ever have: Customer Journey Maps for Marketers. It launches on March 9 with Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) Jeannie Walters at the helm. PRO members can complete the full Master Class by joining our watch parties with live Q&A—or take the individual 10 bite-sized lessons on-demand. Or a combination of the two.
Only a few weeks away: MarketingProfs B2B Forum Online 2021. Attendees will get access to two full days of inspirational keynotes and tactical sessions on the topics that mean the most to B2B marketers today. Check it out and sign up.
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