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How to Be Successful With New Web Initiatives
By Christian Shea. A major trap that organizations fall into when launching a Web initiative is focusing on new technology or new functionality. Instead, you need to focus on the end result. Get the full story >

How a B2B Company Went From Zero Brand Awareness to 190 Leads With Its First-Ever Direct-Mail Effort
By Pete Savage. A classic direct-mail package and a brilliantly simple strategy for getting through the mailroom and onto prospects' desks earned this campaign an ROI of 200%. Get the full story >

Defining Market Opportunity—You Be the Judge
By Kevin Horne. A solid understanding of market opportunity will guide you to the best markets and warn you off the bad ones. It can be hard work, but the alternative is failure. Get the full story >

Is Your Sales Team Creating Real Differentiation?
By Tom Roth. Suppose salespeople were able to create highly differentiated offerings that provide their customers real value that competitors can't copy. Get the full story >

MarketingProfs Online Seminars

Demolish the Roadblocks on Your Website: Clearing a Path for Customer Action, Sales and Loyalty
January 21

A Note to Readers
from Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

Happy 10th Birthday to Us!

Have you noticed Jay, our blue bird mascot, getting his party on? Check him out on the homepage now.


This year marks the 10-year anniversary of MarketingProfs. The site was founded a decade ago by CEO Allen Weiss, a marketing academic, as a place where both his fellow "prof"-essors and marketing "prof"-essionals could learn from each other.

Of course, we've expanded the mission since then. But the name stuck. You can see an early version of the site Allen founded, here, courtesy of the WayBack machine. (Looking through old versions of the site is a little like paging through family photos from the '80s, with digital equivalents of lack of graphics and clunky design standing in for the giant glasses, bad clothes, and "what's-with-that" hair.)

When I joined MarketingProfs, eight years ago, we had no seminars, no research, no case study collections. We had no store, no videos, no blog, no community, no conferences, and so on....

Now that I think of it, perhaps it's easier to describe what we did have, eight years ago: One newsletter. Two staffers (Allen and me). About 20,000 subscribers.

Today, of course, we've grown as the digital space has grown—that is to say, exponentially in every direction. We've added new products, new publications, new staff... and as the years have ticked by, we've added many more of you, too.

Today, we have 356,877 members (as of yesterday) who are part of MarketingProfs. And just for being here, and for playing a role in the growth of this amazing company, thank you on behalf of all of us here from the bottom of my heart.

Nearly 10,000 of you are also paid (Pro) members of MarketingProfs, of course. And if you don't count yourself among them, now's a great time to upgrade your membership, because we're in a giving mood. To celebrate our 10th birthday, we are offering 40% savings on Pro membership (this week only). Use coupon code "10YEARS" here.

In any case, thank you again for being part of this decade. And I look forward to many more years... together!

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Brand Detractors and Brand Evangelists: How to Connect with Influential Citizen Marketers
January 28 with Jackie Huba

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