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 This Week's Marketing How-To
Five Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages Right Now
By Anna Talerico. How many conversions are you leaving on the table...? Get the full story >
 Editors' Premium Pick
A Blueprint for Landing Pages that Drive Results
Let our newest online service, SmartTools: High-Performance Landing Pages, guide you every step of the way when you’re building landing pages, defining messages, and setting goals. Read more >
This Week's Top Articles

Five Tips for Building an Online Community
By Cynthia Francis. Building a successful online community isn't as easy as it might seem. Get the full story >

Recruiting Executives and Industry Experts for Qualitative Research
By Scott Swigart, Sean Campbell. How do you find the right interviewees for your specialized research? Get the full story >

'The Open Brand': How Brands Can Thrive in a Consumer-Driven World
By Sean Howard. How can brands can thrive in a world where the consumer is the creator? Check out this guide. Get the full story >

Capturing Campaign Sales Lift—Can Pre-Post Measurements Be Trusted?
By Jim Lenskold. The typical pre-post measurement is not accurate enough to support major marketing decisions. Get the full story >

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December 3

A Note to Readers
from Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

When Bailing Is a Bummer (and What to Do About It)

We spend tons of time, money, and effort to get our customers to visit our web site landing pages. Isn't it disheartening when they bail within a few seconds?


This week's Premium article by Anna Talerico offers a solution to that problem. Actually, it offers five: Five Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages Right Now. So please check it out, and let me know what you think!

As it happens, we're all about landing pages this week, having just published our newest interactive solution with SmartTools: High-Performance Landing Pages. (I don't really like using the word "solution" to describe much of anything ... but in this case, it's accurate.)

What's a SmartTool, exactly? It's a unique online tool that provides a blueprint for you, in this case, to set landing page goals and targets; segment your audience; choose the best landing format and platform to fit your goals; create compelling offers, and so on. We have other SmartTools on Email and Marketing Plans here in the Members Only section of the site. All of them are free to Premium members.

Not a Premium member? Not a problem: We offered a great seminar last week gratis on landing pages—High-Performance Landing Pages that Boost Your Bottom Line. By "gratis" I mean it was open to everyone, so take it down and pass it around, to paraphrase the old drinking song.

And speaking of drinking, this Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US, a traditional day of expressing gratitude for food, family and football, among other things. If you are celebrating this week (or even if you aren't), I wish you all a wonderful, memorable, fantastic week! Cheers!

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